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Supporting Your Healing & Transformation

Field Dynamics is setting the standard in contemporary energy healing.

We specialise in professional trainings and one-to-one sessions.


At the forefront of what's possible, this is the future of wellness. 


Where Science meets Energy Healing.

We have an experience for everyone who wants to reap the benefits of energy healing and integrate the practice in their life.

All our trainings cover the science of how and why energy healing works, and are universal in ethos and approach.


 Our workshops and trainings range from basic to advanced levels, including a professional certification route.

Connect to Your Higher Awareness

Learn to work with higher consciousness and connect with greater aspects of yourself.

Study Subtle Anatomy

Discover and learn to work directly with your energetic anatomy such as chakras and the aura.

Improve Your Stress Resiliency

Access your inner peace and calm and strengthen your resiliency in the face of every day challenges.

Support Your Self-Realisation

Awakening to your essence is the path of the seeker - energy healing accelerates this process.

Heal Emotional Imbalance & Trauma

Establish the skills and the tools to engage with your emotions skillfully and heal past traumas.

Develop the Skills to Work with Others

Empower your own self-healing ability and learn how to work with others on their healing journey.

"The future: the medical, technology and wellness worlds

all innovating new tools to optimize the human energy body."


Global Wellness Summit, 2020

"I feel completely transformed"

The personal growth and spiritual development

facilitated with this work is beyond the norm.

I’m so grateful for this transformational experience.

Chelsea, Canada

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