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The Future of Wellness


FIELD DYNAMICS is a contemporary energy healing modality. We specialise in professional training and one-to-one sessions. Our courses range from foundational to advanced levels, including a practitioner certification route. Training with us means learning how to use energy healing as a self-practice technique for transformation, and how to facilitate healing for others. Led by expert facilitators, our comprehensive program is setting the standard in contemporary energy healing.

Energy healing is a method which unblocks and clarifies the electromagnetic field (the aura, or biofield) that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. In doing so, aspects of the field that have been distorted by stress, held emotion or trauma are able to be processed and resolved. Field Dynamics energy healing offers the depth and potency to restore flow, balance and harmony to your field. Working with the energy field in this way can bring about significant shifts in an individual, providing the space for insight, healing and greater inner peace. 

Established in 2018, we have an experience for everyone who wishes to integrate the practice of energy healing in their life. Our innovative training includes: the science of energy healing, energetic anatomy, developing extrasensory perception, ancestral and trauma healing, the importance of presence in holistic healing and more. Private sessions can meet your unique needs and provide the support required for deep healing work. If you wish to experience the many benefits of energy healing, we have you covered.

At the forefront of what's possible in the art and science of healing, this is the future of wellness. 

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Healing isn’t just a practice, it’s a holistic process. From energy work and meditation to life choices, relationships and nutrition - understanding the framework of your journey in the broader life context is crucial.


Healing Arts in the

Broader Life Context

Comprehensive Development in Consciousness


We provide the tools, practices and experience for a progressive transformation in consciousness, helping to facilitate a natural unfoldment on the path of self-realisation.

Contemporary Integration of Science and Spirituality


The most interesting things happen at the boundaries. With a contemporary integrative framework, science and spirituality are understood as complementary, not contradictory.

We are interested in highlighting what unites us, not what divides us. Using universal principles for personal empowerment, we are non-dogmatic in ethos and approach.


Universal Principles for Personal Empowerment


Energy healing - also referred to as ‘energy work’ - is a holistic method in which higher consciousness and energy flow through the practitioner to clear blockage and support the physical body’s natural regeneration. Holistic means all aspects - mind, body and spirit - are being addressed. 

Energy is Electromagnetic! The energy being referred to in energy healing is electromagnetic (made of light) and has gone by different names in different cultures, such as prana, qi, subtle energy, life force and vital energy. Seeing and feeling electromagnetic fields is one of many skills commonly referred to as extrasensory perception.

Introducing Your Subtle Anatomy Just as the physical body has anatomy, the energy field is structured by subtle or multidimensional anatomy. Spiritual and healing traditions have emphasized aspects of the subtle anatomy including chakras, meridians, nadis, the central channel and the tube torus. 

What about Energy Blocks? Put simply, a block disrupts the flow and function of the energy system. Blocks are made of unresolved psycho-emotional issues in the form of repressed emotions, buried memories, negative self-perception, limiting beliefs and so on. Energy blocks reside in the multidimensional anatomy - subtle anatomy is the structure, and psycho-emotional issues are the content. 

A Practice for Everyone! Energy healing is for anyone interested in transformation. It works as a stand-alone practice and is also highly complementary to other holistic methods. There are no 'special skills' required to do energy healing - anyone can do it - you simply have to invest time and effort into developing a practice!

science of the fields

FIELD DYNAMICS is aligned with the leading edge of scientific discovery which describes how electromagnetic fields (energy) and multi-dimensionality underlie physical reality. When we examine our "electromagnetic body" we see how fields are where we connect as individuals into broader aspects of identity, family and the collective. Understanding the dynamics of the energy field enables us to resolve the apparent disconnect between our inner and outer world.

Our mission is to be a driving force in the dissemination of energy healing as a universally accessible practice. In addition to practical application, FIELD DYNAMICS is also dedicated to promoting theoretical understanding through a variety of mediums. More broadly, we are committed to furthering the dialogue concerning the nature of consciousness - with the view that science and spirituality are complementary not contradictory.


Based on the core values of integrity, equality, transparency and personal responsibility,

FIELD DYNAMICS is non-dogmatic and universal in ethos and approach. We believe the cornerstone for collective change is individual transformation. We are interested in what unites us not what divides us. Ultimately, we are all one.

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Keith Parker 


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Christabel Armsden


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