The Future of Energy Healing

who we are


FIELD DYNAMICS sets the standard in contemporary energy healing.

We offer professional trainings, digital events, experiential workshops

and private sessions to support your healing and self-realisation.

At the forefront of what's possible, this is the future of wellness. 


FIELD DYNAMICS enhances well-being by restoring flow to your energy system; comprehensively developing the subtle anatomy by releasing mental-emotional blocks and transforming your consciousness in an accelerated fashion.


Combining depth and potency, FIELD DYNAMICS incorporates an extensive range of tools and techniques to support self-realisation.


Healing isn’t just a practice, it’s a holistic process. From energy work and meditation to life choices, relationships and nutrition - understanding the framework of your journey in the broader life context is crucial.


Healing Arts in the

Broader Life Context

Comprehensive Development in Consciousness


We provide the tools, practices and experience for a progressive transformation in consciousness, helping to facilitate a natural unfoldment on the path of self-realisation.

Contemporary Integration of Science and Spirituality


The most interesting things happen at the boundaries. With a contemporary integrative framework, science and spirituality are understood as complementary, not contradictory.

We are interested in highlighting what unites us, not what divides us. Using universal principles for personal empowerment, we are non-dogmatic in ethos and approach.


Universal Principles for Personal Empowerment

science of the fields

FIELD DYNAMICS is based on the underlying principles of a field-based reality, where mind and matter are in a dynamic equilibrium, creating what we experience as the present moment. Fields are not limited to the individual, but are part of broader constellations of core-beliefs, identity, family and the collective. Understanding this dynamic is crucial to managing the relationship between your inner and outer worlds.

Our mission is to be a driving force in the dissemination of energy healing as a universally accessible practice. In addition to practical application, FIELD DYNAMICS is also dedicated to promoting theoretical understanding through a variety of mediums. More broadly, we are committed to furthering the dialogue concerning the nature of consciousness - with the view that science and spirituality are complementary not contradictory.


Based on the core values of integrity, equality, transparency and personal responsibility,

FIELD DYNAMICS is non-dogmatic and universal in ethos and approach. We believe the cornerstone for collective change is individual transformation. We are interested in what unites us not what divides us. Ultimately, we are all one.

Field Dynamics Energy Healing