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upgrade your energy system

Core Restoration is a series of three potent energy healing workshops, each developing a key aspect of the subtle anatomy – the central channel, the chakras, and the meridians. These short accessible workshops are deeply transformative, bringing intense focus to a singular system.


Each workshop is tailored to restore function and flow to your subtle anatomy - one core system at a time. 


Each workshop consists of two healing sessions which fuse receiving energy work alongside active guided meditation. We discuss the emphasis of each session and how best to participate. There is also a running commentary about what’s happening in the group field - describing energetic shifts on a multidimensional level. 

You can purchase any or all of the Core Restorations - there are no prerequisites. We recommend completing all three if you wish to receive the maximum benefit! 


Developing the Kundalini System

The central channel, best known as the sushumna nadi, is the most powerful energy conduit in the system. The focus of this workshop is clearing blockage in the channel. Development of the central channel is the work of evolving one’s consciousness. The channel is akin to the elevator shaft of a building with each chakra representing a floor. By clearing the channel, movement between the floors - levels of consciousness - becomes more available. In addition to clearing the channel we strengthen, repair and recircuit. The overall nadi system will also be strengthened. This workshop can significantly impact one’s core sense of awareness.


Opening the Primary Centres

The seven chakras are the primary centres in multidimensional anatomy; functioning as perceptual filters. If a chakra is blocked it distorts our perception of that level of consciousness. This workshop restores the core of each chakra in space and structure - increasing perceptual clarity and making the psyche more transparent. In addition to restoring the core of each chakra, we balance and harmonise them. The neuroendocrine system is also addressed because of its integral relationship to the chakras. 


The Key to Energetic Vitality

The meridian system underlies our sense of vitality. When the channels aren’t flowing well, we feel depleted and imbalanced. In this workshop we clear and restore the core of the meridian system: the twelve principle meridians and the governing and conception vessel. Emotional imbalance often expresses through the meridian channels due to their intimate relationship with the organs. A key aspect of this workshop is connecting the meridians and the nadis, integrating the subtle energy pathways. Clearing the meridians increases vitality and balances the emotions.


*CORE RESTORATION series can also be formatted as private sessions on request.*

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