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Energy Healing 101

Our mission is to be a driving force in the dissemination of energy healing as a universally accessible practice.

In addition to practical application, we're also dedicated to promoting theoretical understanding of energy healing through a variety of mediums. More broadly, we are committed to furthering the dialogue concerning the nature of consciousness - with the view that science and spirituality are complementary not contradictory!


Check out our Energy Healing 101 below - we also have an extensive free library of additional talks and lectures on Insight Timer on this and related topics! If you prefer an audio format, jump directly to the talk below. 

What is energy healing and how does it work?

Energy healing - also referred to as ‘energy work’ - is a holistic method in which higher consciousness and energy flow through the practitioner to clear blockage and support the physical body’s natural regeneration.


Holistic means all aspects - mind, body and spirit - are being addressed. Unlike Western allopathic medicine, which generally treats symptoms, holistic healing gets to the root of a problem.


Ancient Practice in Modern Times

For thousands of years traditional cultures around the world have featured energy healing and the practice has recently reemerged in revised formats. Modern science has provided new language and concepts to understand energy healing in a contemporary framework.


Higher Consciousness 

Higher consciousness refers to levels of consciousness that are inclusive of those below – a good analogy is how Russian dolls nest within each other. In energy healing you can make use of any form of higher consciousness - from your ‘Higher Self’ (individuated higher consciousness) to ‘Source’ (universal higher consciousness). 


Thoughts Make Things 

Energy healing uses a field-first model where the body is presented as mapping onto the energy field. This model follows the premise ‘thoughts make things’ - how creation works at both the human scale (micro) and the universal (macro). This explains the phenomena in energy healing where blockage first arises in the energy field and can then manifest in the physical body if left unresolved.


A Practice for Everyone

Energy healing is for anyone interested in transformation! It works as a stand-alone practice and is also highly complementary to other holistic methods. Some practitioners prefer to work only on themselves, while others may be interested in doing healing work with others. There are no special skills required to do energy healing - anyone can do it - you simply have to invest time and effort into developing a practice.


Energy healing works directly with the electromagnetic field which surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. The popular terms for this structure are the aura, the energy field or the light body. The contemporary term is multidimensional or subtle anatomy.


Multidimensional Anatomy

Multidimensional anatomy is a highly organised, multi-layered information template made of light. On a more profound level, multidimensional anatomy is the way we embody the whole universe in microcosm.


Energy is Electromagnetic

The energy being referred to in energy healing is electromagnetic (made of light) and has gone by different names in different cultures, such as prana, qi, subtle energy, life force and vital energy. Seeing and feeling electromagnetic fields is one of many skills commonly referred to as extrasensory perception. These skills are synonymous with the yogic term ‘siddhi’s’. Some people have an innate ability for extrasensory perception while others simply work to develop it! Practicing energy work puts extrasensory perception at the forefront of one’s experience.


The Healer doesn’t Heal

An important aspect of energy healing is that the healer doesn’t actually ‘do’ the healing; rather the healer is a facilitator for higher consciousness and energy to flow through. Energy work done well requires that the ego - or personality - get out of the way! The most valuable skill for a healer is establishing a clear connection to Source by being more deeply in the present moment - the essence of all spirituality.


An Accelerated Process

An intelligent energy healing practice will significantly accelerate the self-transformation process. By working at the field level, energy work brings unconscious material into consciousness quickly. This means greater access to observing your mental and emotional patterns. It also means feeling and dealing with them.

An introduction to multidimensional anatomy

We study the subtle anatomy extensively in our 100 Hr Energy Healing Training -  investigating how the physiology and subtle anatomy relate. We also introduce the foundations in our short-form training Foundations.


Master structure of the energy field - containing all other levels


Channel system related to kundalini & nervous system


Vertical axis of the energy field & primary channel in the system


Channel system which underlies the function of the organs


Primary energy centres situated along the central channel


Multidimensional template

of the subtle anatomy


The human energy field is in the shape of a tube torus – think of a donut. Viewed from above, it is a circle with a hole in the centre and from the side it looks like an oval or egg. The toroidal field has an intricate, dense structure. A healthy tube torus spins with ease and uniformity. Many traditional cultures have described the torus in their mystical mythology such as the Vedic Hiranyagarbha or the Grecian Orphic egg. The torus can have fissures, cracks and even holes on the outer surface. Healing the torus is deep work because the rest of the energy anatomy is contained within it.



The most important channel is the central channel (yogic Sushumna nadi). This is the ‘energetic spine’ and the primary informational pathway in the energy anatomy. Two currents run along this central channel: one with a positive charge (Pingala) and the other with a negative charge (Ida). These three components comprise the kundalini which is part of a greater channel system called the nadis. The nadis correlates to our physical nervous system. The central channel can get blocked in various ways, impeding the energetic, electrical flow. Energy work can really help with kundalini development by clearing the channel and opening the yogic ‘granthis’.



Chakra is the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’ and the chakras are known as ‘psychic centres’. The chakra system has seven primary centres, similar to how a prism refracts white light into seven colours. The endocrine system is the physical correlate to the chakras. In the multidimensional system, each of the seven chakras is the centre of a dimension. These aren’t the same as the spatial dimensions of length, width and height - instead these are dimensions or levels of consciousness.



The meridians play a key role in vitality because they underlie the functioning of our organs. Many people are familiar with the meridians from the practice of acupuncture - in which needles are used to regulate the energy flow or qi. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) both originate from the mystical Taoist tradition along with other well-known practices such as Tai Qi and Qi Gong. Blockage in the meridians can cause energy depletion and emotional imbalance.



The human energy field is a structured multidimensional grid system - connecting one dimension to another with geometry. Serving as a primary network, the grid connects the energy system at all scales from the micro to the macro. Recent scientific breakthroughs in physics and neuroscience (see Amplituhedron and Blue Brain Project below) have shown how geometry and multidimensionality are intrinsic to biology and time-space.


As defined above, energy healing can clear or remove ‘energy blocks’ - also known as distortions or fragmentations. A block disrupts the flow and function of the energy system. Imagine your energy system as a flowing river and your health as determined by the strength and balance of the current. A block is akin to a rock in the river, causing disruption and imbalance in the flow.


Blocks are made of unresolved psycho-emotional issues in the form of repressed emotions, buried memories, negative self-perception, limiting beliefs and so on. Unresolved issues in the energy field can eventually manifest as physical symptoms, illness and disease if left untreated. We really get to grips with identifying, sensing and clearing energy blocks in our EHT-100 training.


The psycho-emotional issues behind energy blocks reside in the multidimensional anatomy. The energy anatomy is the structure and the psycho-emotional issue is the content. For example, working on the root chakra - which relates to survival consciousness - will commonly bring up issues around security and safety. You can choose to do energy work from ‘issue to anatomy’ or from ‘anatomy to issue’.

Common Causes of Energy Blocks

Working holistically means getting to the root of a problem - below are listed common sources of energy blocks. All of these sources of energy blocks can potentially be associated with trauma and/or the shadow. Trauma - by definition - severely disrupts body and mind functioning leaving a significant imprint. There is often a physiological component to trauma, and energy work can really help with this conditioning. The shadow is simply what we don’t know we don't know about ourselves yet is part of our psyche. All deep healing requires becoming conscious of what was previously unconscious. 


The inner child is naturally curious, expressive and joyous. In childhood we inevitably compromise this natural state through relational and environmental imprinting. Bringing attention to this aspect of our psyche is a common focus in Western psychology.


Our mother and father give us more than a body; they also pass on psychological and emotional patterns. Genetic science is now discovering that ancestral patterning is multi-generational - going well beyond our parents.


Birth patterning goes to the very foundation of our outlook on life. The developmental process from conception through birth leaves relevant physiological and psychological imprints, which often reveal themselves in holistic healing work.


Here, transpersonal healing refers to what is known as 'past-lives'. At certain depths of the psyche it is possible to identify as other people in other times. Whether metaphorical or literal, transpersonal healing offers significant insight and understanding.

Benefits of energy healing

1. Promotes Natural Self-Healing

Simply put, the body heals itself. Natural regeneration is assisted by factors such as environmental conditions, nutrition, exercise, etc. The energy field is the immediate environment of the body and psycho-emotional blockage can inhibit the body’s ability to self-heal. By releasing blockage, energy healing stimulates the physical body’s innate regenerative capacity.


2. Powerful Method for Transformation & Self-Realisation

Self-realisation is about connecting to one’s true nature and highest potential. Energy work provides unique and in many ways unparalleled access to the obstructions that inhibit insight. Simply becoming aware of something is the foundation for change. Energy work excels at breaking down perceptual barriers, thus enabling consciousness expansion and self-realisation.


3. Taking Holistic Practices to the Next Level

The skill set for energy healing combines the strengths of the meditator, the yogi, and the shaman. Energy healing is the next step for many holistic practitioners who are interested in subtle energy and extrasensory perception. If you’re interested in deepening your current practice and working directly with the subtle anatomy such as chakras and meridians, then energy healing is for you.


4. Empowered Management of Health & Well-Being

Energy healing offers an empowered management of one’s health through preventative self-care and non-reliance. With a field-first model we can see how unresolved blockage in the field can eventually turn into physical symptoms, illness and disease. Is energy healing a replacement for doctors and/or medicine? Absolutely not. The objective is to manage your health and well-being so such interventions are less necessary.


5. Coherency & Presence

Developing your energy system results in improved present moment awareness due to increased coherency. Coherency simply refers to a system's level of organisation and interconnectedness. In practical terms, developing coherency enhances the moment-to-moment experience of life and makes self-reflection more transparent.

Science + Spirituality


Informational Conversion

Vision and hearing function by detecting vibration and frequency, which propagate as waveforms. In both cases the vibrational frequencies are transduced - or converted - into nerve impulses. Information is constantly being converted from one form to another in the world we live in. Geometry is also a form of information that can be converted into vibrational frequency or vice versa (reference Cymatics).



Physicists at the Large Hadron Collider, Switzerland, discovered in 2013 that time and space have an underlying geometry. They called this particular shape the amplituhedron. The findings show that time and space emerge from, or are generated by, geometry. The physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed said this was “very unexpected”. 


String Theory

String theory is famous for working with higher dimensions. The goal of string theory is connecting the big with the small, providing a unified theory of the universe. The primary models in string theory use ten and eleven dimensional theoretical frameworks to explain reality at very subtle levels. According to string theory physical reality is a 'lower dimensional subspace' of higher dimensional topology.


Blue Brain Project

In 2017, the Blue Brain Project, Switzerland - the most extensive brain mapping research ever conducted - published research which showed how the brain functions multidimensionally - primarily through seven dimensions and in some cases eleven! The study found that each neuron connects through geometry - the more neurons involved, the higher the dimension. Henry Markam, Project Director stated “we found a world we never had imagined”. The Blue Brain Project reveals how the field interfaces with the brain and the body through multidimensional geometry.


Scientific Integration

String theory states our bodies exist in a 'lower dimensional subspace' of a higher dimensional topography. We see in the Blue Brain Project referenced above that our nervous system works with higher dimensional geometry, mostly up through seven dimensions. Meanwhile, geometry - which is a visual representation of frequency - has also been found to underlie time and space itself. Right now all of this leading scientific research is coming together and providing a new, multidimensional framework for the human being.

Enery Healing 101 Lecture
Energy Healing with Field Dynamics

Learn about your electromagnetic, multidimensional self. Broad discussion for those with an exisiting interest but also equally useful for those healthy skeptics out there! For many of you with an existing holistic practice, energy healing is a practical next step if you're interested in subtle energy, extrasensory perception and depth work.


New to us or to energy healing? Try one of our events! Our new intro training, Foundations is a great low-commitment way to get familiar with these ideas and with us... available as either a 2-day intensive or four week program. 


Interested in experiencing energy healing for yourself? Check out our Private Sessions page for details. We offer free consultations if you are interested in finding out about how energy healing can work for you. 

Learn more about Field Dynamics​ here.



Field Dynamics is an energy healing modality and so classified as complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM). Services provided by Field Dynamics are not substitutes for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have medical concerns it is advised you contact a licensed physician. You should not discontinue or modify any medication presently being taken pursuant to medical advice without obtaining approval from your healthcare professional. The contents of Field Dynamics ( and associated channels) such as video, audio, text, graphics and other material is for informational purposes only and are the opinion of the author(s). 

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