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In searching for authentic individuality we inevitably must reconcile our family identity - and family lines run deep! Indeed, family obviously includes blood and ancestry but it can also refer to intimate relationships with other people and groups. What we encounter with such intimate relationship involves ingrained behaviour, emotional entanglement and even deeply held belief systems.


Healing family lines is a darling of shamanic circles: to journey into one’s ancestral roots to address the generational patterns that linger on through the present. The current predicament has polarised our interaction with family depending on circumstance; some people are spending unusually sustained time with family while others are being kept isolated and separate. In this meditation and energy healing workshop we will gently disentangle our energy system and clarify our identity at the family level. 

Price: $10

This session was originally held online as a live teleconference. No 'active' participation is required, just connect, lie back and relax! 

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