Keith is an adept facilitator and teacher of consciousness transformation. An extensive background in the healing arts combined with his unusual extrasensory perception has provided a unique skill-set for developing Field Dynamics - an innovative, contemporary energy healing modality.


Initially trained in contemplative science, Keith used meditation as a vehicle to understand and refine subtle states of consciousness. Over the following decade he developed comprehensive expertise in the healing arts including movement, breathwork, bodywork, energy work and other disparate disciplines. During this intensive period, Keith had a series of breakthrough spiritual experiences enabling him to see and feel the human energy field with remarkable clarity.


As Cofounder of Field Dynamics he is committed to facilitating self-transformation and fostering dialogue resolving science and spirituality. Teaching with clarity and compassion, he values the present moment as the greatest source of wisdom.


Work with Keith

Keith is available for private sessions in energy healing. He is the Lead Facilitator of the 100 Hr Energy Healing Training

and runs various workshops and events

You can explore a number of his popular meditations and lectures on Insight Timer.

View a copy of Keith's full C.V.