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Keith is an adept facilitator and teacher of consciousness transformation. An extensive background in the healing arts combined with his unusual extrasensory perception has provided a unique skill-set for developing Field Dynamics - an innovative, contemporary energy healing modality.


Initially trained in contemplative science, Keith used meditation as a vehicle to understand and refine subtle states of consciousness. Over the following decade he developed comprehensive expertise in the healing arts including movement, breathwork, bodywork, energy work and other disparate disciplines. During this intensive period, Keith had a series of breakthrough spiritual experiences enabling him to see and feel the human energy field with remarkable clarity.


As Cofounder of Field Dynamics he is committed to facilitating self-transformation and fostering dialogue resolving science and spirituality. Teaching with clarity and compassion, he values the present moment as the greatest source of wisdom.

Keith Parker of Field Dynamics
Keith Parker of Field Dynamics

Keith has a way of working that allows you to arrive exactly as you are with no judgements or criticisms, and to take whatever is present and speak to it matter of factly and without fear.

Work One-to-One with Keith

Keith is available for private sessions as an energy healing practitioner. He has maintained an active private session work practice for almost a decade and has the experience, education and skill to assist with facilitating the transformation you seek. 


Energy healing has become Keith's area of expertise, making use of his consummate ability to see and engage the dynamics of the human energy field. He is also well practiced in various somatic therapies, specializing in Craniosacral Biodynamics in addition to Zero Balancing, Visceral Manipulation, Neuromeningeal Manipulation and others. 


Private session work with Keith can meet your unique needs and provide the support required for deep healing work. If you're unsure or considering one-on-one work with Keith, schedule a short, free consultation with him to discuss your particular circumstance and whether private session work is right for you. 

To schedule a free consultation write to or contact us here.

Keith is also the Lead Facilitator for both the EHT-100 hr and EHT-200 hr Energy Healing Trainings and runs various workshops and events

If you'd like to hear Keith discussing some of his favorite topics or experience him guiding a meditation, check out his extensive free library on Insight Timer.



Client Testimonials


"Keith has a truly unique gift to understand, illuminate and see beyond what our human bodies can know, and help guide the energies towards a place of wholeness and integration. I have been able to process patterns of behaviour that have seemed unknowable until our work together, and made changes happen in my life that had seemed impossible. Keith has a way of working that allows you to arrive exactly as you are with no judgements or criticisms, and to take whatever is present and speak to it matter of factly and without fear."



"Keith is the real deal. He is a powerful combination of an incredibly well-trained energy healing practitioner and a highly intuitive and skilled practitioner. I have spent the last year undergoing intense cognitive therapy for a personal trauma. In just two sessions I felt more aligned with myself than from all the cognitive work put together. His clear boundaries allowed me to trust him and feel completely safe enough to elevate my suffering to a level of compassion for myself, which was very empowering. I am deeply grateful for our time together."




"Private session work with Keith has been an important component of my work with Field Dynamics.  I have moved past dimly lit blocks gaining deeper understandings of my life , which has led to more freedom and clarity. He is an excellent energy healing practitioner being intuitive, intelligent, engaging, capable and deeply caring. These one-on-one sessions have been instrumental to feeling sure of my path and happy with my life."


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