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So You Want to be an Energy Healer?

The world is changing fast – this includes our collective understanding of the role the human energy field plays in health, wellness and consciousness. Energy healing is now recognized as a reliable practice in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Many talk therapists, clinicians, coaches, yogis, meditators, shamanic practitioners and spiritual seekers are turning to energy healing because it expands upon and compliments existing practices.

Field Dynamics' trainings are the future of energy healing – showing just what’s possible in the art of healing and the science of consciousness.

A healer is one who seeks to know their true nature, realizing their intrinsic wholeness in the process. Connecting to this source of wholeness is how healing occurs. In truth, the healer doesn’t heal, only acting as a conduit or channel for use as catalyst to others on their unique journey.

When the mind and the body are understood and accepted the spirit integrates - synthesizing a mind, body and spirit which moves amongst the dimensions with clarity and ease. This is the foundation of our work at Field Dynamics.

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Sign up now for the next free Becoming an Energy Healer 60 minute workshop – offering a great introduction and the inside track on our comprehensive EHT-100 hour training.

Principles of Holistic Healing & Self-Realisation

Healing and Self-Realisation are equally important in the Field Dynamics model - seen as two sides of a coin. The healer must realize their true nature and the seeker must heal their self-distortions - in both cases these archetypes undergo a process of coming to wholeness.

We provide the tools, practices and experience for a progressive transformation in consciousness, helping to facilitate a natural unfoldment on the path of self-realisation.

With a contemporary integrative framework, science and spirituality are understood as complementary, not contradictory.

Relationship of Spirituality & Healing

Spirituality and healing can be understood as nearly synonymous. Fundamentally, both are about discovering one’s true nature: a continual process of disidentification with the constructed, conditional and illusory Self whilst realizing one’s inherent Wholeness.

Energy healing - also referred to as ‘energy work’ or 'energy medicine' - is a holistic method in which higher consciousness and energy flow through the practitioner to clear blockage and support the physical body’s natural regeneration. Holistic means all aspects - mind, body and spirit - are being addressed. Unlike Western allopathic medicine, which generally treats symptoms, holistic healing gets to the root of a problem. We talk about this more in our Energy Healing 101.

Energy healing is for anyone interested in transformation! It works as a stand-alone practice and is also highly complementary to other holistic methods. Some practitioners prefer to work only on themselves, while others may be interested in doing healing work with others. There are no special skills required to do energy healing - anyone can do it - you simply have to invest time and effort into developing a practice.

Are you interested in becoming an energy healer? Have you been searching for a professional energy healing course that offers a comprehensive education and a transformational experience?

Our 100hr Energy Healing Training provides the structure, support and practices for authentic, sustainable change.

“This EHT-100 is taking my 22 years of searching, experience, training, and education and integrating it into one place. This training is researched, grounded, intelligent, experiential, and extremely fun. It is life changing.”

Sign up now for the next free Becoming an Energy Healer 60 minute workshop with FD Founders and Facilitators Keith Parker and Christabel Armsden - offering a great introduction to the Field Dynamics Energy Healing Training (EHT) program and the inside track on the structure of our comprehensive EHT-100 course.

During our exploratory online workshop you will:

  • Learn what being a healer really means and why a comprehensive training is so useful

  • Understand energy healing in a contemporary way, balancing the ancient and modern

  • Discover the depth of the Field Dynamics training program find out if its right for you

  • Participate in a group guided meditation and energy healing practice!

This online workshop is highly recommended for those interested in becoming an energy healer and the Field Dynamics EHT program. Come with any questions!

These live workshops are hosted on Zoom. When signing up, you will receive an access link.


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