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Meet Dani Fankhauser, EHT-100 Graduate 2022

"In the future, I hope everyone has access to these tools and knowledge about who we are."

Hello Dani. Do tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a southern California native living in Brooklyn, New York. I found the Field Dynamics' EHT-100 at a time of major transition. After fifteen years working as a journalist and technology startup founder and marketer, I decided to take time off to write fiction. I live near a few parks and love going on walks with my senior chihuahua rescue, Bambi, long runs, yoga, studying astrology, and learning about the intersection of science and spirituality.

What initially attracted you to energy healing and the EHT course? Did you have experience with energy work or other holistic practices before?

Although I’ve taught yoga starting back in 2008, I hadn’t really gotten into meditation until I began writing my novel. I really struggled with putting words on a page even though I could see the full plot in my mind! It frustrated me to not be able to do the one thing I really wanted, and I found meditation to be powerful in helping me soothe the critical mind so I could write. I specifically became obsessed with a meditation app called Insight Timer, which not only offers recorded meditations but also talks that introduced me to more types and areas of mindfulness than I ever realized existed. I found Keith [Parker] through some of those talks, and was interested in the training both for the potential to boost my creative abilities, but also to shape the world of a speculative novel I am cooking up.

What was the most surprising or unexpected element of the training for you?

Somehow it’s difficult to think back to what was surprising! The training was intimidating initially, as many of my classmates had more experience with energy healing. I suppose it was surprising how the training corresponded with other interpersonal experiences, for example, that a friend and I were having in-depth conversations about trauma a few days before we got the workbook for the following weekend, which was focused on trauma. That wasn’t the only time that the weekend material matched up with what I was dealing with personally, and sometimes with astrological transits. Now that I’ve spent some time in this realm, that isn’t surprising at all, but feels worth mentioning!

When I signed up, I had really overbooked myself, because I was also in an astrology class and had two full-weekend reiki trainings in between the EHT ones. So those first few months I had to turn down a number of social plans, but in the second half of the course, the pacing fell into place, and by the end, I found I really missed having a full weekend to sort of cut myself off from the world, do lots of meditating, and dive deep into learning! There were some segments in between the training weekends when I consistently practiced the recommended meditations and felt I made lots of progress, then others when I felt I couldn’t keep up because I needed to process. I did not feel pressure to push myself or keep up, and I was grateful for the course pdf. material that I would be able to refer to later.

What changes have others noticed in you since you started your practice, and have you noticed changes in yourself?

"When you get into self-work, it tends to snowball. I’d also been studying astrology and reiki when the EHT-100 began, and about halfway through I added in EFT, breathwork, and Wim Hof cold showers. Around that time it felt like the snowball that had been building really started to roll. I hired a new therapist after a three-year break. I’ve had dramatic changes in close relationships."

I also find the ability to sense subtle energy to be significant. Before the training, I had done yoga nidra, and been able to “feel” the areas of the body as they were named, and had noticed that there were some specific areas that I couldn’t “feel.” When I first talked to Keith about the EHT-100 program, he explained that this was likely a block in the energy body. Early in the training, I was skeptical that I would be able to feel the sensations being described, or that others would feel these sensations when I did practice sessions for them. What’s changed my worldview more than anything is that I can feel sensations of stiffness, a jelly-like substance around me, a static-like tingling, when I work on myself, and that others describe either physical sensations or even an out-of-body experience when I do energy work on them.

Now that you’ve completed the experience, how would you describe the process to someone considering the training?

The training is like open-ended group therapy mixed with Harry Potter magic school. It feels like sitting in some dusty corner of a library having your mind opened to a whole new world, but Keith and Christabel have already done the hard work for you. There’s wisdom from Eastern and Indigenous practices, scientific research from the past century until now, and psychological practices. The tone set for the group is welcoming, non-judgmental, and inquisitive. You walk away with an introduction to a range of practices and spiritual traditions, able to apply it to any existing healing work, or go deeper on a topic, or simply just use the tools for your own growth. In the future, I hope everyone has access to these tools and knowledge about who we are as humans, but if you are someone who likes to get the inside scoop early, now is the time to learn!

Thank you, Dani.

Applications are now open for our next EHT-100 training. If you would like to arrange a consult to discuss if this training is the right choice for you, do reach out to us.


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