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Meet Rosannah von Moritz, EHT-200 Graduate 2022

"I had insights and deeply healing experiences with each and every one of my classmates and I am forever grateful for the love, care and respect that I received. It was both an honor and an adventure to experience those trades!"

Hello Rosannah, do tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am 40 years of age and my husband and I live in upstate NY, just outside of Catskill which is located along the Hudson river. I am an artist inspired deeply by nature and when I am not at my job I spend most of my time exploring and observing the plants and wildlife in our woods, collecting and pressing plants and creating my artwork with them!

What initially attracted you to energy healing and the EHT-100 course?

I really feel like you found me! I had been increasingly interested in healing and the energy anatomy of our body, but hadn't found a means for studying and understanding it experientially in a form that was accessible to me, on multiple levels. Simply signing up for the course was a huge leap out of my comfort zone and the opportunity came right at a time when I was becoming deeply aware of just how much healing and inner work I needed on a personal level in order to live this life the way I truly wish to.

What was the most surprising or unexpected element of the training for you?

Just how deep one can go with this work. I found myself overwhelmed at times given how many areas there are to consider, and how much information can be gleaned and worked on for extended periods of time. I became better at trusting and following my intuition as far as where to place my focus and to allow the process to unfold as it will. Letting go of the need to control is still something I am working with each day! How was the six month training format for you? Did you look forward to the course weekends?

The format was hugely beneficial! It provided such a wonderful structure for me, and I looked forward to the weekends immensely. They were sacred to me and taught me a great deal about the importance of establishing and setting boundaries for self-care and regeneration. The space in between classes was sometimes quite challenging, but that was also crucial because it allowed for patterns of behaviour to be revealed! I found the online environment surprisingly beautiful and appreciated being able to make this year long journey in the environment of my own home. Doing one-one meetings online for the partner trades felt a little strange for me initially each time, but that always subsided within the first few minutes of connecting.

How did you find the experience of juggling home life and work with your self-practice and partner-trades?

It wasn't always easy, but I certainly felt supported by others; classmates and loved ones alike. The support network that I felt with classmates in particular was quite transformative for me. It taught me a great deal about making time each day for the things that are vital to my well-being.

Have you or others noticed changes in you since you started your energy healing practice?

My ability to express and communicate has shifted! I feel infinitely freer and more curious when expressing myself through my appearance. Allowing the inner parts of myself to take form externally in ways I have been shying away from since I was a teenager, having so much fun dressing/making clothes, decking out my nails etc!

And how I communicate with people in general has changed quite a bit. Making an effort to slow down, be present and allow my words to come from my heart. I've also experienced a huge shift in understanding more clearly how it is that I experience the world through my body on a sensory level and this has enabled me to better communicate overall with loved ones, set healthy boundaries and care for myself. How did the private session included with the EHT-100 training assist with your process?

My session with Christabel towards the beginning of the EHT-100 was a powerful experience that in many ways laid the groundwork for everything that followed. And the partner trades with classmates were invaluable! I'll never forget my first partner trade and how we both were so blown away by what we experienced! My body was literally buzzing with sensation after running energy for the first time and I still laugh when I think about feeling a wave of energy run up my body, so similar to being on a rollercoaster, when my classmate upped the energy level without telling me to see if I'd feel it, haha! I had insights and deeply healing experiences with each and every one of my classmates and I am forever grateful for the love and care and respect that I received. It was both an honor and an adventure to experience those trades!

What do you see as your biggest takeaway from the training?

Oh my goodness this is a difficult one! So many things come to mind, but I believe the most notable takeaway for me would be the reigniting of trust in who I was and how I experienced the world as a child. I needed to build a bridge back to her in order to move forward for many reasons, one of which being the way in which I understood my relationship with the natural world both on a physical and energetic level.

This training provided the tools, guidance, and support to enable me to reconnect, integrate and better understand so many aspects of my life that up until now have felt like large gaping holes of disconnect.

What advice might you give someone considering the EHT-100?

My advice would be to go in without any set expectations and to be as open and honest with yourself throughout the process as possible! Going into the training I had a pretty general idea of things I wished to address and work towards, but I can certainly say that the process went far deeper than I could have ever imagined, and once that began to happen I discovered that I am capable of letting go and trusting the unknown. Not only is the opportunity to experience this particular modality of energy healing within a group field quite profound, but the information presented throughout the EHT-100 & EHT-200 was something that my analytical mind wanted to learn and understand so badly. This helped in further bridging the gap that was causing a great deal of self-doubt. How do you plan on taking what you’ve learned out into the world?

I am continuing with energy healing as a self-practice and find that I practice every two to three days depending on what I'm working on and how the integration feels. Whether or not the energy healing session is structured or intuitive depends on how I'm feeling that day! I find that I now bring plants and animals into my sits that have come to me in dreams, leaving with me very distinct energetic resonance that I can feel each time I recall them.

Now that the weather is warming up here, I am enjoying doing sits outside and seeing what it feels like to have the wind howling around me and the sound of the water lapping up on the bank where I sit, as well as which animals come to pay a visit! I have also created a clearly defined intention that I run while working creatively as an artist, and this aids in grounding and connecting me more consciously with the earth and sky around me and the energy I wish to imbue into the work I am creating. This way of working, with a great sense of joy and wonder for the natural world, is shaping how I move forward, and I no longer allow myself to feel foolish for embodying this particular form of expression that was so alive and well within me as a child.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I very much look forward to the day when the Field Dynamics community gather together in person!

Thanks, Rosannah.

Applications are now open for our next EHT-100 training. If you would like to arrange a consult to discuss if this training is the right choice for you, do reach out to us.


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