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Meet Sally Fraser, EHT-200 Graduate 2022

"I finally understand the magic of “going within”, a beautiful place of trust that allows us to access our own healing abilities."

Hello Sally, do tell us a little about yourself! How did you come across Field Dynamics?

I'm Sally Fraser, I'm a graduate of both the EHT-100 and EHT-200 courses and I live in the Richmond, VA area. My Garmin watch assures me that my fitness age is that of a 20 year old, I am truly “young at heart”, however, my chronological birthdays add up well into the 50’s! I work in the fitness industry as a triathlon coach and personal trainer, as well as having a side hustle as a certified Holistic Wellness Coach, teaching people how to heal themselves through natural means. Since 2010, when my family and I experienced health crises, I have been 100% committed to the path of utilizing natural and holistic options as the way to create and maintain optimal health and wellbeing. This, of course, is what led me to energy healing.

Some years ago I went through Reiki certification, however, I did not experience anything transformational with that practice. In 2019, I heard a podcast about tuning the energetic biofield with tuning forks. Well, that one hour of information had my intuition screaming YES! YES! I was so excited to learn more about energy healing so I got home and signed up for the course. Long story short, Covid happened and the certification class was canceled. I was absolutely certain that I must continue with investigating energy healing, so I turned to the internet for other options. Somehow, (the Universe-wink, wink) I was guided straight to the Field Dynamics website and was intrigued. I decided to take the exploratory course on “The Field” led by Keith [Parker] and shortly after that experience, I signed up for the EHT-100 hour energy healing training online course.

What was the most surprising or unexpected aspect of the training for you?

The depth with which it impacted my personal healing. Truth be told, my initial interest in energy work was to simply use it with clients. I entered the class with a naive, happy-go-lucky attitude, excited to become an energy worker to benefit others, not realizing it was MYself that was about to be taken on a deep dive of discovery. I experienced quite a shift, using the energy work on myself and realizing that all healing (and healers) must start within oneself. My ideas about what energy work was, how it works, and the myriad of possible uses for it, shifted as well. The Deep Dive began! Field Dynamics provide a very in-depth course, I have not seen another energy course that offers a comparable path of learning.

"I loved the six month format and really looked forward to each intensive weekend. It felt great to reunite with everyone every three weeks or so. Spending so much time together, sharing our personal experiences allowed us to create genuine bonds not often found in everyday life."

I specifically recall my very first share with the EHT-100 group. We had experienced a group sit and were relaying our experiences to each other. The sense of connection to the group was so powerful, I remember becoming emotional during my share because of the heartfelt presence I experienced from everyone present.

The partner trades in between EHT weekends offered additional opportunities to work together energetically in the field, supporting each other as we experienced the various tools, as well as the highs and lows that come with shifts in energy. I dove right into the energy practice, setting aside time in the morning to “sit” before the day got away from me. I believe the rewards of energy work come with consistent practice, it’s a gift you give yourself! My family, while not involved in energy work themselves, was very supportive during the entire process. They knew when an EHT weekend was coming, that I would be unavailable much of the time and they were helpful with getting things done around the house, fixing meals, etc. They quickly became used to my “sitting” time and my announcements of “I have a Zoom meeting for energy work, try not to be too loud.” The one part that was strange sometimes was spending hours together with the EHT group in a sacred space and then at the end of six hours, rejoining the family in “the real world”. The transition took some getting used to!

Have you noticed any changes in yourself since participating in the trainings?

I certainly notice a difference! I have developed a definite “gap” between events that occur and my reaction to them. There is an almost ever-present sense of awareness I can hold rather than getting lost in thoughts, no matter what activity I am involved in. I have a greater ability to observe and choose my next action/words rather than be led by the “monkey mind”. I have developed the ability to see what’s happening within me and around me as all of "my stuff”, and can then take personal action as required, to create the outcome I desire. I cannot get away with anything anymore, my inner awareness accepts no excuses haha! I have also honed my intuition and have received amazing moments of guidance and inner knowing. I finally understand the magic of “going within”, a beautiful place of trust that allows us to access our own healing abilities.

You committed to some private session work alongside the training, how was that for you?

I found the private sessions with Christabel to be AMAZING! Her ability to hold a sacred healing space as well as her intuitive expertise in using the energy tools allowed me to work through blocks I had not even been conscious of. I would highly recommend working privately with Christabel or Keith to supplement your own healing work - their knowledge, skills, and abilities serve as examples of the depth and power available with energy healing.

You mentioned the partner-trades between modules with your class mates, how were they for you?

The partner trades always felt comfortable, coming into a space of trust even though it may be your first time working with someone. It was a good opportunity to practice what we were learning in class, get

feedback, experience giving/receiving various energies and build deeper connections with each classmate.

Do you have a key takeaway from the training?

My biggest “AHA” from the course was building a deep sense of trust with my inner awareness, my “AMness”. I am the guide I’ve been looking for! People always say “go within” and “the answers are within” - I never felt comfortable with that... how could I possibly have the answers I need?! Through this work I have developed a deep trust, love and forgiveness (Ho oponopono) for myself which allows me to also offer that up to others.

Any advice or insights to share for those considering it?

For someone considering this course my advice would be to jump in and be prepared for powerful personal/spiritual growth! This is about much more than becoming certified in energy work, it is a personal healing experience. You really need to dedicate yourself to the “sits” and do the work in order to reap the benefits. It is not always easy, there were times I became fed up with myself and the process of “growing”. Growth is not easy, not always pretty, sometimes I would feel much resistance to the process and feel completely fed up, but through dedicated practice things always shift. The onion continues to be peeled, it’s an ongoing cycle, balancing deconstruction with building, onward and upward.

What are your plans for the future? Will you be working with energy healing professionally?

I had every intention of going through the certification process offered through EHT-200. Somewhere along the way, this shifted; I was deep in my own process and took my eyes off certification! I plan to move forward continuing my own work, possibly working with friends who would like the experience of energy healing. I am certain I will put this practice to use for years to come, continuing to share with the EHT community as well. I like to use a mix of structured work with unstructured sits, tuning in to my intuition to know what I need any given day. I look forward to diving into some of the special projects that Field Dynamics have created, they will give me plenty of options for continued exploration!

Thank you Keith and Christabel for providing such an incredible opportunity through your EHT courses!

Thank you, Sally.

Applications are now open for our next EHT-100 training. If you would like to arrange a consult to discuss if this training is the right choice for you, do reach out to us.


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