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Why Add Energy Healing to Your Daily Routine?

Perhaps one of the top questions we're asked is not just how to go about adding energy healing as a daily practice, but why? Energy healing is a powerful way to add a special touch to your wellness routine each and every day.

Energy Healing as a Daily Practice

Just as many of us have a daily routine to look after our hygiene and physical health, it’s also essential to build in daily habits that support our spiritual, emotional and energetic well-being; you might think of these as wellness and self-care rituals. People often find that having a steady and effective morning practice provides a solid foundation for the rest of the day. Once established, a common reflection about the benefits and contribution of a daily self-practice is, “What would I do without this?”.

Maintain a Self-Practice from Home

Taking a moment to note down what you’re grateful for, setting intentions for the day and even taking ten minutes for a meditation or mindfulness practice are all highly supportive activities many of us are now familiar with. Adding a 10-20 minute daily energy healing practice - focused on grounding and balancing for example - can provide an incredibly rich range of additional benefits such as improving your stress resiliency, healing emotional imbalance and connecting to your intuition.

Benefits of energy healing

In a recent review of global wellness trends, Joanne De Luca and Janine Lopiano, co-founders of future-forecasting consultancy Sputnik, who’ve researched the many new directions in energy medicine for years, note: “The future of medicine is understanding the crucial relationship between the material and ‘field’ aspects of the body, and adjusting human frequencies - and light, sound and electromagnetic interventions are crucial here - to prevent illness and boost health." (Global Wellness Summit Report, 2020).

The goal of energy healing is to help restore balance to the electro-magnetic field of the human body, supporting physical, mental, and emotional well-being. You can focus on balancing, clearing and cleansing, nourishing and building – the options are endless! We've found many people learn energy work as a way to develop a self-practice, to empower their management of their own wellbeing and self-realisation. They come initially with questions about supporting a difficult relationship, or for help working through a limiting belief that’s holding them back, and quickly realise this practice can be powerfully applied across all facets of their life for increased harmony and inner peace.

“In every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Biochemist and Nobel Prize Winner

Creating a Daily Routine

A great time to do your energy healing practice is at the start of your day! Many of our clients can testify to how helpful it can be to extend their usual 10 minute morning meditation or yoga session with a brief but potent energy healing practice;“You’re already on the mat; it just makes sense to take my practice that next step each day. I’m finding I have so much more presence and energy to take to my crazy long to-do list and busy family life each day”.

Energy Healing Online

For example, a body scan meditation can take just a few minutes, promoting increased awareness and deep relaxation; you can then add gentle breath-work exercises or energy healing to help release stress and tension in your body and mind. “I tend to focus on a daily body scan; moving my attention through the body slowly and mindfully, and I’ll often add my energy healing practice at the same time. It relaxes me and helps me find my feet first thing” says a recent newcomer to the practice. You’ll often find yourself extending the length of your practice as the many benefits start to reveal themselves!

“I've become a more grounded, more focused and more compassionate person, energy healing and meditation has become part of my daily life.”

Sandra, UK

Energy Healing with Field Dynamics

Alternatively, practising a gentle harmonising session just before sleep can also be ideal, especially if you have problems with restlessness or insomnia. Taking a 15 minute period to practice before bedtime allows time for reflecting on the day, relaxing the body and settling the mind. Perfect for an easier transition into sleep.

For those who are interested in building a more established practice, our trainings accommodate those needs. Just as a yoga class is generally closer to an hour in duration, an energy healing practice also benefits from a longer session. This allows us to address deeper issues, such as trauma and ancestral healing. There is good reason to build an intelligent sequence with energy work just as with yoga asana. For example, in yoga there may be a sequence of warming up, backbends, forward bends, twists and inversions. All of which contribute to a comprehensive practice. Energy healing offers the equivalent - you can move from energizing to clearing, then balancing and finally integration. This is a simplified version of what’s possible; energy healing offers tremendous creativity.

“I look forward to my practice every day and feel like my life is exactly on track. I've been looking for this experience."

Robert, USA

Beware the Woo-Woo!

Here at Field Dynamics we are setting the standard in contemporary energy healing. All of our trainings include a focus on the science behind energy healing and how it works. Healthy sceptics are certainly welcome here! “Being curious about energy work, I found myself running into a lot of woo woo. Field Dynamic's Lite course is a great taste into understanding the science behind energy work AND experiencing it” says Trina, a recent student from the USA. This scientific background is crucial to gaining true understanding and empowerment when using energy healing.

"The wellness world focuses on self-awareness and emotional and spiritual healing and connectedness, but, as physicists, biologists and neuroscientists uncover the mechanics of human energy fields - how they mesh with other people’s energy fields, and how we all mesh with the energy fields of the universe - the new energy medicine may solve a pesky little mystery that’s been preoccupying humans for millennia…consciousness, itself.”

Global Wellness Summit Report, 2020

Energy healing is for everyone. For many people with an existing holistic practice, energy healing is also a practical next step if you're interested in subtle energy, extrasensory perception and depth work. But we can all experience the many benefits of carving out time for ourselves in this way. All you need to start your energy healing journey is curiosity and an open mind. You might just find yourself hooked!

Take the Next Steps in Your Energy Healing Journey

You can find us on the Insight Timer app running free LIVE weekly energy healing circles and much more! This is a great way to add a powerful group practice to your weekly schedule. Click here for Keith's profile and here for Christabel's. Go a step further and join our new Insight Timer Group (search “Energy Healing with Field Dynamics”) to engage with an active community of learners, sharing their insights and experiences.

Dip your toe in the water! Start energy healing today. Our FD|Lite training teaches effective energy work in a short, affordable and accessible format. This training is curated to be fun, immersive, experiential, and LIVE! Learn about the science of energy healing, working with subtle anatomy, accessing extrasensory perception and how to identify and heal energy blocks. Integrate energy healing in your life through self-practice, or even working on friends & family or expanding your existing professional services. This course includes a detailed manual complete with healing session protocols to help you understand how to implement energy healing each and every day.

"A life-changing and most empowering experience. Keith leads this class with competence and compassion, helping you gain awareness of your own field energy. After such a revelation, the sky is the limit!" (Maria, USA, FD|Lite attendee 2022)

Sign up now and find out how to establish your own daily energy healing protocols, incorporate body scans, heal emotional imbalance and develop your intuition and extrasensory perception.

Interested in our EHT program and looking to try us out? Amazing Offer! The $195 course fee for FD|Lite will be deducted from the EHT-100 course fee for those who go on to participate in our EHT program.*

Why not just jump in with both feet?

Are you a brave and intrepid explorer? Why not jump right in and join our forthcoming summer school EHT-100 program and participate in a world-class energy healing training. Our 100 hour EHT course is at the cutting-edge of contemporary trainings in energy healing and consciousness transformation. We commit to supporting your healing and self-realisation process every step of the way with a proven structure and an amazing class community. Commit to your healing process in this six month program which provides the ongoing support to experience progressive transformation and build a dynamic energy healing practice. Beware, many of our students have reported it to be life changing!

Finally, if you prefer a more personal touch, why not book a one-one session with Field Dynamics' Founders Keith or Christabel. Experience just how energy healing can be powerfully applied to exactly what you want to work on next in your journey through life.

*offer not valid in addition to other discounts, such as Earlybird


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