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Advanced Meditation: Cultivating Samadhi (x7 sessions)

Accessing and developing samadhi states for purification may very well be the most reliable and enduring approach to awakening and traditional enlightenment. This series deepens your ability to access and utilize the samadhi states, comprehensively tuning your energy system concurrently due to the correspondence between the chakras and the samadhi states. Included in in the cost for this series is our digital Samadhi Entrainment program, which will assist your meditative development outside of formal session time. This is a particularly useful series for those who have a dedicated meditation practice and who seek to explore extraordinary states of consciousness.

Advanced Meditation: Cultivating Samadhi (x7 sessions)

  • A series of seven 90 minute energy healing sessions. 

  • Please note that all session bookings are to be redeemed within six months of payment being received.

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