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Biodynamics (x3 sessions)

The healing art of biodynamics works with the fundamental way in which the body and mind are created and maintained as a life form - deeply rooted in an understanding of embryology. The biodynamic approach emerged from craniosacral work and anchors in primordial generative forces, known as tides, for healing potency. FIELD DYNAMICS biodynamic treatments make use of traditional, presence-based approaches alongside complementary energy healing techniques. Biodynamic treatments can be done as a series or thread throughout any other for its embodiment-focused, profoundly integrative nature.

*works well in tandem with all other series

Biodynamics (x3 sessions)

  • A trio of three 90 minute energy healing sessions. 

  • Please note that all session bookings are to be redeemed within six months of payment being received.

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