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A Weekend of Awakening - Chakras Awake

The dawn of 2024 beckons for inner work, so we wanted to seize the opportunity for a Weekend of Awakening during the most introverted time of the year on the most well-known energetic anatomy of all, the chakras. Regardless of how dynamic or diverse your approach to energy work the chakras are the primary veils of perception, the gatekeepers to inner evolution. They reflect our transformational trajectory and opening - or awakening - them holds the key to shifts in perceived identity.


Join us for this intensive Weekend of Awakening – with nine energy healing sessions in just two days! Our previous Weekend of Awakening was powerful, fun and very successful in providing aformat for deep healing work. We’d love to see you at this upcoming one!


This Weekend of Awakening is not a teaching module and so will not feature a manual, however, you will learn new approaches to add to your energy healing practice.


February 3rd & 4th 2024

(same schedule as the EHT with a 1 hour break)

9am - 3pm PT / 12 - 6pm ET / 5 - 11pm GMT


5 hours per day, 10 hours total


Price: $229


*Please note, zoom links will be shared prior to class commencing

A Weekend of Awakening - Chakras Awake

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