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Core Restoration Series: The Meridians

Core Restoration is a series of three potent energy healing workshops, each developing a key aspect of the subtle anatomy – the central channel, the chakras, and the meridians. These short accessible workshops are deeply transformative, bringing intense focus to a singular system.


Each workshop is tailored to restore function and flow to your subtle anatomy - one core system at a time. 


Core Restoration Series: The Meridians - Key to Energetic Vitality


The meridian system underlies our sense of vitality. When the channels aren’t flowing well, we feel depleted and imbalanced. In this workshop we clear and restore the core of the meridian system: the twelve principle meridians and the governing and conception vessel. Emotional imbalance often expresses through the meridian channels due to their intimate relationship with the organs. A key aspect of this workshop is connecting the meridians and the nadis, integrating the subtle energy pathways. Clearing the meridians increases vitality and balances the emotions.


Each workshop is formatted over 2 hours.

10m     Opening discussion

50m     Session 1 

50m     Session 2

Core Restoration Series: The Meridians

  • Format: MP3 files

    Duration: 120 minutes

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