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Cosmic Planetary Meditations Module

Our Solar System and all of its planets have a major impact on our psyche and energy system, as evidenced in the art of astrology. This scale of interaction may seem foreign to us but we hold intimate energetic relationships with all of these planetary bodies. Traditional, holistic healing systems have always incorporated an understanding of the movements in the sky. Don’t miss out on this powerful approach and opportunity to work with planets, there’s nothing quite like it!


  • Learn how to intelligently work with the scale of our solar system
  • Experience how planets map onto your energy system
  • Gain an understanding of the energetic qualities of different planets



Wednesdays & Fridays, May 17, 19, 24 & 26

10-11:30am PT // 1–2:30pm ET // 6-7:30pm BST


1.5 hours per class, 6 hours total


*Please note, zoom links and the class module manual will be shared prior to class commencing

Cosmic Planetary Meditations Module

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