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Emotional Metabolism

Our protective tendency when faced with high stress situations can be to signal a 'shut down' - a contractive response which then makes us unavailable for others who may also be in need. Sounds like double trouble!  Stress and emotions are truly okay - organic feeling and articulation are vital to metabolising challenging experiences. However, we also need to find ways to reestablish our balance and gain greater depth if we intend to remain open, receptive and available for our next challenge and to be able to support others as well. This is the dance of life in duress! This session will be focused on meditation and energy healing to support your skillful engagement with your emotions and to help you find compassion in corners unseen.


This session was originally held online as a live teleconference. No 'active' participation is required, just connect, lie back and relax! 


60 minute format 

10m     Opening discussion

50m     Session 

Emotional Metabolism

  • Format: MP3 file

    Duration: 60 minutes

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