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Energy System Optimization (x10 session series)

For those taking energy field development, healing and self-realization seriously FIELD DYNAMICS offers this comprehensive system overhaul. Inspired by the Rolfing 10-series, this flagship treatment systematically restructures, rebalances and optimizes your multidimensional energy field. This is a structural approach, keeping in mind that structure also addresses content - chronic life issues, emotional patterning and major energy blocks - ensuring that whatever blocks arise over the course of the treatment will be transformed though all levels of the field. Longer term treatment formats such as this enable you to sustain depth work and develop a therapeutic relationship that can assist with and making major shifts. As a result of this experience your energy system will be significantly transformed, aligned and integrated. Recommended as an ideal entry point to experience the range and depth of FIELD DYNAMICS energy healing and also serves as the perfect preparation for other more specific treatment series.  

Energy System Optimization (x10 session series)

  • A package of ten 90 minute energy healing sessions.

  • Please note that bookings are to be redeemed within six months of payment being received.

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