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Enhancing Inner Vision (x2 sessions)

Are you interested in discovering or developing your extrasensory perception (i.e. clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, light vision, and such)? There is a trending cultural fascination with the supernatural from Harry Potter to Marvel - all of which feature magic, psychic abilities and superpowers. Beyond the screen and cinema what are often called psychic powers are universal features of mind and consciousness which have been a featured practice of many ancient traditions. Don’t be fooled - everyone has access to these abilities and this treatment series is designed to help you clarify and refine your extrasensory perceptual talents. Those doing regular inner work with themselves or with others will find much benefit.

Enhancing Inner Vision (x2 sessions)

  • A duo of two 90 minute energy healing sessions. 

  • Please note that all session bookings are to be redeemed within six months of payment being received.

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