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Exotic Timelines - Journey to Embodiment Module

We have all made the three-stage journey to embodiment in human form. From conception and embryonic development, to fetal and finally birth. We will be focusing healing work at each of these key stages, discovering how these past experiences continue to impress upon the body-mind memory, feelings and perspectives in the present. Navigating these domains can be quite delicate so we will use group energy healing sessions alongside other practices to gain insight and freedom.


  • Explore the latent imprints from your earliest biological, prenatal experiences
  • Gain insight and emotional freedom from deeply held body-mind patterning



Wednesdays, May 11th, 18th, 25th

10am-12pm PT // 1pm-3pm ET // 6pm-8pm BST


2 hours per class, 6 hours total


*Please note, zoom links and the class module manual will be shared prior to class commencing

Exotic Timelines - Journey to Embodiment Module

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