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The Living Library: Crystal Kingdom Module

Explore the diverse world of crystals in an energy healing format. Learn about key groupings of crystal families and what they’re useful for: emotional healing, cleansing, body-mind connection, kundalini development, psychic enhancement and more. In addition, have you ever wondered how to integrate physical crystals into your energy healing practice? With the Field Dynamics approach, learn how to incorporate crystals into a session - offering a significant option and enhancement to your practice!


  • Understand and experience how to use specific crystals or crystals families for particular effect
  • Learn how to seamlessly incorporate any physical crystal into your energy healing practice
  • Discover the power and usefulness of working with the mineral kingdom intelligently



Thursdays, June 20th & 27th

9am-12pm PT // 12pm-3pm ET // 5pm-8pm BST


3 hours per class, 6 hours total


*Please note, zoom links and the class module manual will be shared prior to class commencing

The Living Library: Crystal Kingdom Module

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