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Choosing an energy healing training program can be a challenging decision. 

This is why we made it easy for you to compare standard Reiki Training with

the Field Dynamics EHT-100 (100 Hour Energy Healing Training).

Read on to compare everything from course content, depth, design, certification and more.


Uncover which kind of training and experience is the right one for you.

* Reiki Trainings are not standardised, nor do they have a common registering body, therefore, our statistics are drawn from a sampling of the top Google search results on Reiki training programs

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Choosing an energy healing training program is an important choice. In the course, you’re learning a healing art with technique, teachers and peers – the right environment is important! You should be well informed about what options are out there. Here, we compare the Field Dynamics EHT-100 program with Reiki I,II & III Trainings (“Master” level). This should clear up some questions you have about which training is the right one for you!

Reiki is the most well-known energy healing modality in the world. For this reason, there is huge variation in the format, length, quality and cost of trainings. To become a Reiki Master you can find anything from $1500, 3-Day Live courses to $150, 5 Hour Pre-recorded courses. Both versions confer ‘Reiki Master’ status. Reiki has made energy healing known to the Western world, but it hasn’t been regulated or formatted in a standardized way outside of the I, II, III progression.

Field Dynamics was established in 2018 to set the standard in contemporary energy healing and provide trainings with the professionalism, depth of transformational experience, and breadth of content that is possible in art and science of energy healing. The EHT-100 training is a comprehensive, inspiring and deeply experiential program which answers the needs of those seeking a truly world-class energy healing training experience. 


Is It Comprehensive?

The EHT-100 course provides the structure and duration to cultivate the skills needed for dynamic and potent energy healing work. Taking place Live and Online over six months during eight intensive weekends, the EHT-100 progressively deepens your knowledge of healing and energy anatomy whilst providing the format for a self-transformation experience. We like to say that a healer “can only go as deep with someone else as they have gone themselves” - the EHT-100 is a reliable, supportive course to access that depth of healing and self-development. It is interesting and important to note that many people attend the EHT program with a focus on self-healing, rather than healing others.

The length of Reiki training is quite short. Traditional Reiki training, through Master level, is usually 3 days. Whilst the training and tools may be effective, it is not easy to learn a complex skill in such a short time. Consider how long it takes to become a musician or an engineer – that is a more appropriate time-scale to consider for developing professionally as an energy healer. 


Areas of Study

In the EHT-100 we cover a broad range of the energy anatomy (or multidimensional anatomy) well beyond the chakras: we extensively cover chakras, dimensions, the tube torus (or aura), the central channel, the meridian system, the nadi system, relational cords and the subtle bodies. Importantly, we teach how best to use energy healing to engage and effectively heal issues (ex. anxiety, grief, anger, loneliness, etc.) and “relationship fields” (spouses, partners, parents, ancestry & transpersonal). We also have specialization modules in which we provide energy healing tools to address working with trauma, the energetics of the natural world, and integrating somatic (body) based approaches to energy healing.

But wait…there’s more! The EHT program often reveals itself to be a “so much more than I expected” experience (read about Trainee experiences here). The program is about self-transformation and the healing process; we deep-dive into the principles behind these subjects in practical, experiential and inspiring ways. We also help you - through your practice - to develop greater present-moment-awareness (essence of meditation) which is intrinsic to sensing subtle energy and refining your extrasensory perception. We learn about “energetic hygiene”, the importance of getting grounded, learning to clarify your energetic boundaries and strengthening your intuition. Another bonus is learning the language of energy – how to talk about energy healing, energy blocks, multidimensionality, awareness, consciousness, etc. It all adds up to an integrative, holistic healing program with energy healing as the primary technique.

Reiki training tends to focus on some of the basics of energy healing: presence, intuition and forms of extrasensory perception. Chakras are emphasized in Reiki as a primary reference to the energy anatomy and serve as a way to organize your understanding of energy blocks. They also usually provide session frameworks for working on others as you progress to Reiki II and Master Level. 


Learning to Work On Others

Most people who participate in the EHT-100 course attend primarily for self-healing and personal growth, however, to their surprise trainees regularly report that their experience with partner-trades (working with others) is an invaluable aspect of the experience. During the EHT-100 course you are paired with a different classmate between each module, totalling seven partner trades in which you both give and receive an energy healing session with a peer. Many people choose to reach out to fellow classmates and do even more trades than required! This is an invaluable learning experience for a healer whether or not they’re interested in offering energy work to the public.

Reiki trainings usually dedicate some class time for partner-trades. Getting practice with working on others is essential for developing the skill of an energy healer. Given the short duration of Reiki training there is limited time for exploring a diversity in working with others more deeply.




The cost of Reiki Trainings is quite variable. Often the three classes (Reiki I, II & III) are about $250 each but there are much more expensive and much cheaper options out there. Some courses will charge as much as $1000 a day for a single day Reiki III class (Master) while other courses are pre-recorded and as inexpensive as $150 for 5 hours duration, yet both offer the same core content and confer the title of Reiki Master. 

The Field Dynamics EHT-100 is priced at $2,500 for 16 days - with a 10% Earlybird discount available for those signing up six weeks or more before the course commences. This price is commensurate with other professional trainings in comparable holistic modalities at $25/hr. In addition, we offer payment plans for financial flexibility to those who would benefit from paying in instalments. In addition, we have limited placement in our Scholarship Program for individuals who require financial assistance and would not otherwise be able to attend the course.


Class Size
In order to maintain intimacy and to ensure that each person has the opportunity to share their experience and have ample time for questions, the EHT-100 is limited to 12 participants – we have found that this group size works excellently. Reiki trainings may be quite variable in class size depending on the format and teacher.


In-Person or Online

Whether you choose to attend a training in-person or online makes a difference. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Currently, the EHT program is only being offered online. All of the classes are Live via Zoom – many participants have been pleasantly surprised by the intimacy of working online and have benefitted from the ease of learning from home without the added cost of travel and lodging expenditures. We anticipate scheduling an in-person EHT-100 in 2023. You'll need to check with a specific Reiki training to see if it is being hosted online or in-person.


What About the Science of Energy Healing?

One of the outstanding and popular features of the Field Dynamics trainings is that we clearly explain the science of energy healing. Everything about energy work can be explained if you know how to connect the dots in the modern scientific paradigm. Learning and knowing this is both fun, informative and it really helps to ground the healing art with the science to back it up. Reiki trainings do not feature explanations of how energy healing works, meaning it can be hard to explain to others.


Expert Facilitators

With the EHT-100 you are working with the founders of Field Dynamics, Keith Parker and Christabel Armsden – both expert facilitators, each bringing a diversity of knowledge and experience. The quality of teachers and course facilitators makes a huge difference in your experience. Reiki trainings have a huge array of teachers with differing levels of experience – make sure to research your Reiki teacher and see if they have the kind of qualifications you desire.


What About Certification?

This is an important consideration for many – what about getting certified in the modality I’m studying? Currently, energy healing is not a standardized practice with a centralized, certifying body. What does that mean, practically? It means you have to discern for yourself if a training provides a professional quality, in-depth education. 

Field Dynamics is setting the standard in energy healing – and that includes our certification process. We see the development of an energy healer is similar in scope to getting a master’s degree in disciplines such as architecture, engineering, painting or music. If you want to get good at something, you have to study and practice!

We offer a “Certificate of Completion” for finishing the EHT-100 course which requires the attendance of the course in addition to submission of self-practice and partner-trade protocol entries. To become a “Certified Practitioner” requires completion of both the EHT-100 and EHT-200 (the EHT-200 is an additional 6 month advanced training) course along with submission of the required self-practice and partner-trade protocol entries, a specified number of case studies, a written exam and a demonstration of proficiency. 

Our EHT program (EHT-100 & EHT-200) is for those looking for a comprehensive certification process, in which you develop as an energy healer at a professional level. Attending and completing both the EHT-100 & EHT-200 and completing the certification process takes approximately 18 months on average - a reasonable length of time for in-depth study and skill development to enter the world of energy healing as a professional who has confidence and clarity with their practice. 

Some Reiki trainings do offer some form of certification and others do not. Often, the certification will be outsourced to a holistic healthcare or energy medicine association (or similar) which is not directly connected to the school but has approved their course. What does this actually mean? You have to read the fine print and find out what level of rigour is in place to understand what the certification actually requires and means. The bottom line - a certification in energy healing is only as good as the actual training process that certification program offers.



Community Matters!

The EHT program was created to provide a comprehensive learning, healing and self-transformative experience for the participants. One of the ways this is achieved is through the ongoing contact over six months in which the facilitators and trainees get to know one another more intimately. We offer complimentary interim energy healing sits between modules, an ongoing community group for peer support and networking, alongside a 75 minute one-one energy healing session with one of the facilitators. It is with increased familiarity that deeper trust and vulnerability emerge with participants. This is critical for “going deeper” in oneself, for authentic healing work. In short, we prioritize your needs in the training and can do so, in part, because of the small class size and duration of the course. Reiki trainings are short-form, offering only so much contact between the facilitators and course participants. 

You’ve now read through the many features of the Field Dynamics EHT-100 program. It is a course that exemplifies the future of wellness, sets the standard in energy healing and shows just what’s possible in the art and science of healing.


Don’t take our word for it…here’s what people are saying about the EHT experience!

For all the details on our next upcoming EHT-100 training, read through the complete guide for key features, module themes, dates and pricing.

If you want to meet our facilitators and learn more about the course, attend our FREE Workshop, So You Want to Be An Energy Healer?.

If you’d like to schedule a free private consultation with Keith or Christabel and find out if this is the right training for you, please do reach out to us at info [at]

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