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Gradually, one's mastery in concentration extends from the primal atom to the greatest magnitude. Just as the naturally pure crystal assumes shapes and colors of objects placed near it, so the Yogi's mind, with its totally weakened modifications, becomes clear and balanced and attains the state devoid of differentation between knower, knowable and knowledge.

This culmination of meditation is samadhi. 

 Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Translation by Satchidananda


This meditation entrainment program is a unique, innovative method for accessing the samadhi states.


The samadhi (or jhana) states are best understood as the foundational states of consciousness, the essences of mind. The path of meditation is the process of quieting the mind to finer and finer degrees eventually arriving at silence - or emptiness. Meditative traditions emphasise the depth of purification intrinsic to these states and it is here where meditation and healing converge.

Currently, there is much familiarity with the concept of brainwave entrainment - auditory based, frequency specific induction of various states of consciousness that correspond with neural activity. Similarly, the samadhi states can be developed through entrainment, as they too are frequency-specific states of consciousness with correspondent structures in the energetic anatomy. This is a unique approach to cultivating these advanced meditation states.   

This downloadable program can be used for meditation training and equally for healing purposes.


Your Purchase Includes:

Welcome video

User Guide (PDF)

MP3 Files:

There are nine audio tracks, comprising approximately 3.5 hours:

- Seven* Samadhi Entrainments, 20 mins each

- One Samadhi Trainer 7 x 3 mins, 21 mins total

- One talk on Samadhi and how to use the entrainments, 35 mins

Traditional descriptions of the qualities of each successive samadhi:

Rupa (“material”)                                       

1 - Pleasure, rapture                                   

2 - Rapture, unification of mind               

3 - Unification of mind, equanimity  

4 - Equanimity, serenity of awareness         


Arrupa (“immaterial”)

5 - Infinite space

6 - Infinite consciousness

7 - Nothingness

All forms of samadhi are already present, awaiting one’s discovery. For those seeking transformations in consciousness, meditative development and potent healing then the Samadhi Entrainment program is for you. 


**Disclaimer: Everyone will have a different experience of these entrainments. We are not claiming that you will experience the seven states as described above. However, with sustained practice, these states should become available through direct experience.

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