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Sunday 10 January 2021

9.30am - 1pm PST  //  12.30pm - 4pm EST  //  5.30pm - 9pm GMT


The Field presents a new approach to energy work and holistic healing. 

In contrast to common forms of energy healing which ‘run frequencies’, The Field distinguishes itself as an energetic environment comprised of naturally occurring electromagnetic fields, designed to amplify your well-being and optimise the health of mind, body and spirt.

Ideal for meditators, yogis, bodyworkers, energy healers and all those who desire to improve their well-being - this training teaches you how to connect to The Field and best utilise its healing potency.



“A real paradigm shift is underway, with more scientific researchers (whether from NASA or Harvard) rapidly discovering that the body is indeed a complex biofield of electromagnetic frequencies and light waves that serve as “control central” for our physical and mental functioning. It’s shaking up entrenched thinking in biology. The future: the medical, technology and wellness worlds all innovating new tools to optimize the human energy body.”

 Global Wellness Summit, 2020

The Field is designed with emphasis on a holistic model of mind, body and spirit. In the training we review how these three aspects can be best understood from an energy anatomy perspective and how The Field specifically engages them. 

Increase your vitality by working with regenerative electromagnetic field environments - a novel approach to energy healing which ‘turns up the volume’ on preexisting sources of health and wellness. 


Easy to learn yet incredibly potent, spending time in The Field releases tension, clears energetic blocks and powerfully assists in achieving greater balance in life!

The workshop will not only teach you a number of ways to navigate The Field environment, you'll also gain a contemporary understanding of how and why energy healing works.


The Field is an accessible energy healing practice for yourself and others. For Reiki practitioners for example, it offers an excellent complement to Reiki and can be easily incorporated into your existing energy healing practice.


The Field is a contemporary healing tool based on a deep understanding of human energy field mechanics and consciousness.


Underlying matter is a reality comprised of energy - electromagnetic fields in constant fluctuation like waves in the ocean. Congruent with cutting edge science, The Field is an example of just what’s possible in the emerging science of consciousness!


+ Study core concepts in energy healing and multidimensional anatomy

+ The beauty of simplicity - easy to learn and easy to integrate

+ Restore, rebalance and connect to a field of health and wellness

+ Add an energy healing practice to your toolkit or expand upon your preexisting one

Training Schedule

Opening & Discussion 1 - 30 min

About THE FIELD + How Energy Healing Works + Q&A 


Healing Session 1 - 30 min

Experience THE FIELD with guided instructions on different approaches to self-navigation


<Short Break>


Discussion 2  - 30 min

Using THE FIELD in different configurations + Working with Others + Q&A


Healing Session 2 - 30 min

Experience THE FIELD bringing emphasis to different aspects

<Short Break>

Discussion 3 - 30 min

Feedback Q&A + practice options + protocols + integration


Healing Session 3 - 30 min

Integration + balancing in THE FIELD 


Price: $75  / $60 Earlybird


Check out our Event's Archive and download previous events to listen to at your leisure! 

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