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The future: the medical, technology and wellness worlds all innovating new tools to optimize the human energy body.


Global Wellness Summit, 2020


The world is changing, and fast – this includes our collective understanding of the role the human energy field plays in health, wellness and consciousness. No longer relegated to pseudo-science, energy healing is now recognized as a reliable practice in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Many yogi’s, meditators, shamanic practitioners, talk therapists, clinicians, coaches and spiritual seekers are turning to energy healing because it expands upon and compliments existing practices. 


Field Dynamics’ trainings are the future of energy healing – showing just what’s possible in the art of healing and the science of consciousness.

setting the standard

We offer cutting-edge, comprehensive and professional training in energy healing. Field Dynamics uses a truly contemporary framework, aligned with modern science, explaining how and why energy healing works.


What distinguishes our program is a combination of breadth and depth. We build a foundation on developing present moment awareness, connecting the essence of healing with the path of self-realisation. The training provides you with dynamic and powerful tools and the direct experience of progressive transformation through your energetic anatomy – always teaching you how to integrate the body, mind and spirit.


If you’re looking for a professional, contemporary training in energy healing, Field Dynamics is setting the standard.


Key features are;

  • Professional, Comprehensive Energy Healing Training

  • Dynamic & Powerful Healing Tools & Techniques

  • Integration of Healing and Self-Realisation

  • Expert Facilitators

  • Contemporary Conceptual Frameworks (aligned with modern science) 

  • Progressive Transformation

  • Community and ongoing support

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100 Hour Energy Healing Training (EHT-100)

Our flagship EHT-100 is appropriate for beginners and experienced energy workers alike.


This innovative training extensively develops your skill as an energy healer and concurrently provides the structure for a deep transformational process. We study presence, multidimensional anatomy, energy scanning and tracking, somatic awareness, deep listening with compassion, trauma resolution, and extrasensory perception. The curriculum highlights the connection between the physical and the energetic, investigating how the physiology and subtle anatomy relate. This training is for those interested in authentic self-transformation, grounded in direct experience. Applications are open for our next EHT-100 commencing in February 2022.

200 Hour Energy Healing Training (EHT-200)

If you are looking to take your training to the next level, the EHT-200 provides the experience, tools and techniques for an advanced energy healing practice. For those deeply committed to their self-transformation, the advanced modules at this level of Field Dynamics training brings intense focus to the heart of healing. We powerfully deepen and expand upon the previous training materials, furthering your healing and self-realisation. Details and curriculum of the EHT-200 program have been announced, but applications have now closed for our inaugural EHT-200 which commenced online in October 2021. We will shortly be announcing details of our next EHT-200 for October 2022. 

*Please note the EHT-200 is a second 100 hour training; the EHT-100 is prerequisite.

Personal & Practitioner Development

Our programs prioritize your development both personally and professionally. Learning to perform dynamic energy work requires significant practice and self-transformation. Field Dynamics trainings are designed to nurture this growth by providing ongoing guidance and community support. The EHT-100 and EHT-200 are each 6 month programs and ensure you have the appropriate assistance. During the training there are a number of ways you continue to engage with the community between modules: performing assigned partner-trades with fellow course attendees (remote), using our online community forum for asking questions or sharing experiences, and participating in optional group meditations between each module to support your practice.

certification process

Currently, we are unable to identify an institution or governing body that provide certification for energy healing which meets our standards. In lieu of outsourcing at this stage, we are offering a certification process of our own. Graduates of the EHT-100 who meet the course requirements receive a Certificate of Completion – denoting their attendance and completion of all requisite course materials and practice hours. Our Certification process is offered to graduates of the EHT-200. The post-graduate certification includes formal written assignments, case studies and demonstration of proficiency with a facilitator.


"We’re at a pivotal, powerful moment with energy medicine. In the coming years, there will be a rush by medical and technology companies to further crack the code on how energy networks organize our bodies and brains, and they will use that knowledge to design interventions into our electromagnetic and biophotonic fields to prevent disease and boost physical and mental health."

Global Wellness Summit, 2020


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Download the Guide for our next EHT-100 Training, detailing everything you need to know - course dates, core curriculum, daily schedule and more! We have limited spaces and applications are now open. 

Interested in experiencing dynamic energy healing for yourself? Check out our Private Sessions page for details. We offer free consultations if you are interested in finding out about how energy healing can work for you. 

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