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Scholarship's Change Lives

Our mission at Field Dynamics is to promote the art of energy healing as a powerful and viable tool to bring well-being and positive transformation to individuals and the collective. As part of this intention, we are delighted to run a Scholarship Program for our EHT-100 training.

Our Scholarship Program is available to individuals who have a sincere interest in healing work and self-transformation, yet do not have the financial means to participate. These scholarship placements ensure that students who may not otherwise be able to attend our EHT-100 program can receive financial assistance.

Scholarships cover half the cost of tuition for the entire program (USD $1,250). Applicants must submit an application form outlining their circumstances for consideration. Due to the limited nature of the scholarship placements, not all students who apply will receive a scholarship. In addition to our standard scholarship, we may occasionally also consider discretionary scholarship placements on a donation-only basis.

If you are planning to apply for a scholarship, we ask you to consider the integrity and sincerity of the application.

Please note, we maintain confidentiality for all scholarship applicants. 

A scholarship application applies only to the EHT-100 training; any request for a scholarship for the subsequent EHT-200 training would based upon the interest of the trainee to continue with advanced training, and the course facilitators reviewing the student’s engagement.

Please note, the application period for our next EHT-100 training commencing in February 2024 is now open. 

Scholarship Details:

•    Limited to EHT-100 training program
•    Applications made for trainings not yet open for admission will not be considered
•    Scholarships cover 50% of the full training tuition fee, up to a maximum of USD $1,250 
•    Limited to one scholarship per person
•    Cash will not be awarded and scholarships cannot be given or sold to others.
•    Applications may be resubmitted for future trainings if scholarships are unavailable for the requested training

A note regarding eligibility - the program is open to trainees of least 18 years of age, and under the terms and conditions outlined for all EHT-100 applicants (please see full booking terms). 

Application Process


  • Applications are to be submitted online as usual; please indicate your request for a scholarship placement in your form and we will provide the necessary supplementary scholarship form by email 

  • Applications must be completed in full

  • Applicants will be contacted and notified of a final decision within four weeks of submission


Evaluation Process

Applications will be evaluated by Field Dynamic’s Founders Keith Parker and Christabel Armsden. The questions are designed to detail the applicant’s need for financial aid, why the training program is important to the applicant, and how they intend to use their new skills. Applications remain confidential, and the decision of Field Dynamics is final.

Looking to Contribute?

We are in the process of establishing a Field Dynamics’ Scholarship Fund. This Student Scholarship Fund will be able to accept donations toward our Scholarship Program. Please contact us if you wish to make a donation towards this program. 

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