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Ubud Bali
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18th April – 11th May (24 days)
IN PERSON – Ubud, Bali 

Field Dynamics is pleased to announce our first in-person 100 Hour Energy Healing Training in beautiful Ubud, Bali. This immersive training experience has been a long-time coming; we had scheduled the very first EHT-100 in Bali for early 2020 but had to cancel due to the global pandemic. Four years later, having run the hugely successful EHT-100 training over ten times online, we are able to return to Bali and fullfill the original in-person format for this transformative training experience.

EHT-100 Training Guide
Bali prayer

Download our extensive guide here, detailing everything you need to know - core curriculum, daily schedule and more!



For all the general details and overview of the EHT-100, please see the training page here and don’t forget to check out the complete guide to the EHT-100. Below we will tell you how the in-person format differs from the online format;


Bali is one of the premier wellness destinations in the world and for good reason. You have access to a wide variety of high quality options for food, cultural experiences and wellness services, all in a stunning natural environment. During the training you’ll have every evening free, as well as regular days off to enjoy and explore the island and its magic. This is one of the great advantages of an immersion training in such a rich environment and fascinating culture; not only is the training itself transformative but the experience of being in Bali promises the same.


Known far and wide as the cultural hub of Bali, Ubud embodies a rich history. Taking its name from the Balinese word for medicine, this captivating town sits within the lush highlands and terraced rice paddies of the island, and is home to impressive temples, a lavish artistic heritage and outstanding natural beauty. Understandably, Ubud draws many whom are on the healing and seeking path.

Ubud Bali


The EHT-100 will be hosted at Santra Putra Gallery & Guesthouse, located in Penestanen village, just outside the centre of Ubud. This traditional Balinese style guesthouse and gallery is run by local artist, Wayan Karja, his wife Made and their family. The lovely, spacious studio – our classroom -  overlooks a terrace and garden with fountains, and will accommodate the needs of the training perfectly. You will be provided with yoga mats and blankets, as well as meditation and seating supports.

Santra Putra dining
Santra Putra studio


The EHT-100 has shown to be a deeply transformative experience due to its breadth and depth. While the online format takes places on eight select weekends over six months, this in-person version will take place over twenty-four days. Plentiful learning and healing experience in a short amount of time! The basic format for the course will be a two day module followed by a day off, including an orientation on the first afternoon. Please see the module schedule below:

April 18           Afternoon Orientation

April 19-20      Module 1        Foundations - Primary Tools / Higher Consciousness / Path of Healing

April 22-23      Module 2        Multidimensional Anatomy - Central Channel / Chakras / Holistic Process

April 25-26      Module 3        The Kundalini System - Core Polarity / Vertical Currents

April 28-29      Module 4        Channel Systems & Sensing - ESP / Subtle Pathways / Bio-Etheric Interface

May 1-2           Module 5        Somatics & Biodynamics - MindBody Connection / Trauma Physiology

May 4-5           Module 6        The Living Library - Earth Medicine / Expanded Sentience

May 7-8           Module 7        Heart & Soul -Timelines / D Timelines / Dreams & Purpose

May 10-11       Module 8        The Extraordinary Psychic Vessels - Vibrational Being / Embodiment

Daily Structure

There will be a three hour class in the morning and afternoon of each day of a two day module, for a total of six hours per day. The days are comprised of group energy healing sessions in which we experience and attune to the tools featured in the module, presentations about concepts and healing tools, and group discussions for sharing experiences, feedback and questions. The first day of each module will conclude with a guided self-practice and the second day will conclude with a partner trade. This allows ample time for you to develop both your self-practice and your abilities to work on others.

Residence Options

People can choose to stay at Santra Putra guesthouse, based on availability, or find accommodations elsewhere during the training. There are many options in the area of Penestanen and Ubud. We have reserved six rooms at Santra Putra for those who would like to book their room directly through us. 

The traditional accommodations provide more than a glimpse of the local way of life, with comfortable self-contained rooms dotted around the tropical gardens. A true home away from home, we relax a stone's throw away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud, but within walking distance to the center of town. Rooms feature open-air living, queen beds, private ensuite bathrooms, full kitchens and terrace lounges with wondrous views of the gardens and rice paddy fields. A daily breakfast is included. 

Santra Putra guest house Bali
Santra Putra guest house Bali
Santra Putra guest house breakfast Bali
Santra Putra guest house Bali
Santra Putra guest house Bali
Santra Putra guest house garden Bali

For those interested in staying at Santra Putra, the room reservations on hold are for twenty-four nights, check-in April 18th and check-out May 12th. Please see the course pricing for details.



Visa Considerations

Visa requirements for Bali are simple and straight-forward. We recommend looking through details on the website.


Bali grants a “Visa on Arrival” for most nationalities which can be purchased online before arrival in Bali or at the airport on arrival. This visa allows for 30 days in Bali with an optional extension of another 30 days. The twenty-four day training duration makes it easy to arrive in Bali some days before and also have some days afterwards for those wanting to stay within the 30-day window. However, there is also the option to extend your visa and stay longer in Bali for many reasons such as…



Stick Around for the Retreat!

We’re hosting a 10-day retreat in Ubud from May 30-June 8th. This is not a training in the way the EHT courses are, instead retreats focus more on depth of experience using a particular theme. Most people attending the retreat will have completed the EHT-100 or 200 and so these retreats act as a great way for like-minded community to gather, deepen their practice and explore new healing territory. Find details of the retreat here.


Exploring Bali & Surrounding Islands

If you are able, we highly recommend that people consider taking more time to explore the island or places nearby. Bali is one of the best places in the world for “low cost, high quality” so even for the budget-minded traveler, it’s worth spending a few extra days. In Ubud itself, there are numerous affordable spas with incredible massage and treatments, and a plethora of yoga classes and wellness pursuits. You could travel to the beaches on the coast, enjoy some world-class surfing, or take a trip to neighbouring islands such as Nusa Penida or Lombok. A personal favourite of ours are the Gili islands, a short boat ride from Bali, where you can snorkel or dive in coral-rich waters teeming with life and even swim casually with the beautiful sea turtles. 



We introduce and refine essential skills from the core of the healing arts - presence, energy scanning and tracking, somatic awareness, deep listening with compassion, healing touch, and extrasensory perception. A crucial component in energy work is learning how to navigate your awareness through the body and energy field; we will develop this perceptual skill extensively. The training highlights the connection between the physical and the energetic, investigating how the physiology and subtle anatomy relate.


This training is for those -

  • Interested in learning a comprehensive and powerful energy healing modality

  • Who wish to deepen their existing practices - meditation, yoga, shamanism, etc.

  • Committed to self-realisation and experiencing transformations in consciousness

  • Professionals interested in expanding their services (yoga teacher, bodyworker, therapist, life coach, reiki etc.)


The EHT-100 is dynamic and multifaceted. Most people learn and experience much more than they are expecting! It is interesting to note that most people attend the EHT program with a focus on self-healing, rather than healing others. There are three practical aspects to understanding “what to expect” from the course experience: the modules, self-practice and partner trades.


The training is comprised of 8 intensive modules, during each stage you learn new healing tools, energy anatomy, and conceptual frameworks for the healing process. More importantly, through group energy healing sessions you experience the tools directly and go through a transformational process. This strikes the perfect balance between learning and experience.


You will also be assigned self-practice protocols and partner trades with your training cohort. The partner trades are an opportunity to learn to work with others as a practitioner, receive and experience energy healing sessions with different trainees, and also to deepen rapport with your fellow course participants.

Keith Parker - Field Dynamics



"I'm really excited about this training - the result of a decade of intensive study and development. Combining a balanced approach to healing as an art and science makes it truly contemporary. The curriculum has been carefully designed, comprising interdisciplinary techniques, perspectives and principles. Deep healing and self-inquiry have a powerful resonance - this training will be an immersion in that sacred space and I look forward to sharing it with you. Ultimately, it's designed to support your authenticity and assist your unique process of growth and discovery at this pivotal time."


- Keith 

Keith is an adept facilitator and teacher of consciousness transformation. An extensive background in the healing arts combined with his unusual extrasensory perception has provided a unique skill-set for developing Field Dynamics - an innovative, contemporary energy healing modality. Teaching with clarity and compassion, he values the present moment as the greatest source of wisdom.


The EHT program often reveals itself as a “so much more than I expected!” experience (read the reflections of past trainee's in our Spotlight blog series). The program is about self-transformation and the healing process; we deep-dive into the principles behind these subjects in practical, experiential and inspiring ways. We also help you, through your practice, to develop greater present-moment awareness (essence of meditation) which is intrinsic to sensing subtle energy and refining your extrasensory perception. We learn about “energetic hygiene”, the importance of getting grounded, learning to clarify your energetic boundaries and strengthening your intuition. Our students form valuable bonds with fellow classmates and really benefit from the connections made with people from all over the world. The course offers a dynamic range of benefits, many of which are specific to each individual. It all adds up to an integrative, holistic healing program with energy healing used as the primary technique.

We recently produced a special podcast episode to explore this flagship energy healing training. Firstly, we take a look at the structure, curriculum and highlights of the training with the facilitators Keith Parker and Christabel Armsden, and then share in the candid and authentic experiences of four program graduates... listen here! 

Field Dynamics Podcast EHT-100 Episode.jpg


This inaugural in-person 100hr EHT will take place 18th April – 11th May 2024 (24 days).

Training Cost:         $2,500 USD 

Earlybird:                $2,200 USD before 1 February 2024.

Payment in full is required by 1 March 2024. We're happy to offer a payment plan if required; usually over three payments, or monthly. Please reach out to us to discuss your needs if this applies to you. Please note that scholarships are not available for this in-person training. 

Accommodation at Santra Putra guesthouse:  $27/night (400,000 IDR) x 24 nights plus $50 admin fee = $698/room (optional)

A $400 deposit will be required to secure your place on this training. 

Please note enrollment for this training is limited - apply now to secure your place!

I have immersed myself in the study of meditation and self-improvement for over 20 years and undoubtedly the Field Dynamics’ EHT-100 course has helped me make breakthroughs in my practice that no other program has made possible. The program works with a diverse range of techniques that I believe offers new perspectives and tools to even the most seasoned of practitioners. Keith and Christabel are consistently working at the cutting edge of subtle energy and the results of the individual, partner and group work show themselves almost immediately.


Brian, New York


You can register and secure your place for the EHT-100 here

Sign up now for our next live Becoming an Energy Healer workshop with Keith and Christabel. A great introduction to the Field Dynamics Energy Healing EHT-100 training and the inside track on understanding energy healing in a contemporary context. Participate in a live energy healing session! Register Now.

Interesting in learning more about this training? Read insights and experiences of our previous trainees below.

We recognise this training is a commitment of your time and energy. If you would like to arrange a conversation with Keith to ask any questions and see if this training is the right fit for you, email us at

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