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Resources for Mind, Body & Spirit


What's your meditation style? Or are you new to meditation? There are a number of different mediations to try out below.


You can learn more on our meditation page - which also includes 15 minute guided audios for four different meditation styles, including vipassana and metta practices! We'd love to hear your feedback on these.

If you enjoy what you find here, check out and follow our Insight Timer profile for more FREE content - we regularly publish new guided meditations, body scanning techniques and talks on subjects such as your energy anatomy, holistic healing and self-realisation. 

Feel Your Chakras.jpg

This foundational approach to perceiving the energy anatomy will enhance your perception and strengthen your concentration. Developing your energy system doesn't have to be esoteric - this guided meditation uses simple 'bare attention' to connect you with the chakras along the central channel.

Deep Relaxation.png

This guided meditation takes you into a deeply relaxed state. Follow your breath to release tension throughout the entire body - including muscular relaxation and connecting to gravity. Let go and feel at ease.

Mind Body Integration.jpg

This is a highly effective guided meditation for integrating the body and mind through the nervous system. Focusing on 'basic noticing' this simple but potent body scanning technique reorganises the left and right sides of the body and recalibrates the midline. Use it to relax, restore, heal and more.

Multidimensional Anatomy - Chakras.jpg

Learn about energy field anatomy and your multidimensionality in this lecture series. This talk explores the role of the chakras from myriad perspectives - mystical, mythological and scientific. These insightful talks weave together frameworks to better understand and explore the nature of consciousness.

Multidimensional Anatomy - Kundalini.jpg

This talk focuses on the Kundalini - the central axis or Sushumna - of the energy field, and the two alternating currents - Ida and Pingala - running alongside it. Evolution of consciousness takes place along this spiritual axis; discover how connecting science, mysticism and mythology provides theoretical frameworks and exciting possibilities about the nature of mind and consciousness.

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