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Meet John Steen, EHT-200 Graduate 2022

"What came up for me the most was my core wound of fear of abandonment. Despite doing years of work around this issue, it is energy healing that has brought the most healing and the quickest healing, which has greatly surprised me."

Hello John, do tell us a little bit about yourself!

I live in San Francisco, California. I moved here aged 21 from Quincy, Massachusetts, a small suburb next to Boston. I turned 55 in April of this year. I resigned from my thirty-three-year career as a civil servant due to an existential crisis as a result of a discrimination suit I filed. To make a very long story short, leaving a hostile working environment was the greatest choice I made for myself, despite the immense fears of doing so. I’m also an actor and I made my Hollywood debut in 2015, playing Mike Markkula in the Steve Jobs biopic, which was directed by Oscar winner Danny Boyle and starred Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels and Seth Rogen. I am a testament to never giving up on your dreams, as they can and do come true.

In my personal time, I played softball for twenty years in the San Francisco Gay Softball League, and I’m a big fan of the SF Giants too. Prior to Covid, I enjoyed working out at the gym every day, but I haven’t returned. I’ve changed that routine to hiking in nature daily, where I’ve been able to gain a lot of insights by communing with nature. I enjoy game nights, hosting parties and gathering my friends for different events. One of my favourite pastimes is wine tasting, which is so abundant living in the beautiful Bay Area. I’ve long been interested in spirituality and in living and exploring a healthy lifestyle. I’m most grateful at this age in my life to have not ever been on any daily medications and do enjoy great health. Since leaving my job, I’m a big believer in just “being.”

What initially attracted you to energy healing, and the EHT-100 training?

I found Field Dynamics by attending Keith’s weekly Lives on Insight Timer. I believe it was around 2016 when a friend at work recommended Insight Timer to me because she saw me suffering; it was a life saver for me. After I started to meditate, I noticed a change within - a calming - which I desperately needed at the time. However, after I quit my job and the pandemic hit in March of that year, I started to slip into a bit of a depression and stopped meditating. I picked it back up in October of 2020 and saw that Insight Timer had started doing Live sessions. I immersed myself in those four or five times a day, every day, and noticed a huge shift. I had never done any energy healing work prior to finding Keith’s Lives. I became really curious about this energy healing, and because I felt a lot of movement within from the sessions, I decided to join the EHT-100 training in April of 2021. What really drew me to the training, was a statement on the Field Dynamics' website: “Advance your healing process and self-transformation.” I was ready to fully embark on that journey! And yes, the training fully lives up to that declaration.

What was the most surprising or unexpected element of the training for you?

I completed the EHT-100 & EHT-200 trainings back-to-back in a year. I was amazed at how much movement I had within my heart chakra. Many times, it brought me to tears. Specifically, I recall that started to happen early in the EHT-100. I didn’t feel afraid but welcomed what was happening and tried to surrender as much as possible to this healing. Over time, it happened more and more. What came up for me the most was my core wound of fear of abandonment. Despite doing years of work around this issue, it is energy healing that has brought the most healing and the quickest healing, which has greatly surprised me. Immediately following the conclusion of the EHT-200 class, I was still having insights and clearing around this issue, as I was able to thread my work crisis to my core wound. It has been quite incredible.

What did you enjoy most about the training?

The energy healing intensive weekends! These are held twice during each training. They were so deep and so healing, despite their intensity. I will miss those. The six month structure was really great for me. I greatly looked forward to the weekend classes and the studies and sits we embarked on. For me the online environment was fine, despite not feeling extremely comfortable sharing in groups, I realized it was something I needed to overcome. That is still happening slowly.

Since I wasn’t working, it was quite easy for me to juggle the class. So much so, I started to study shamanism at the same time, which is touched on in the EHT training. It’s been a really great companion practice for me. As energy healing was so new to me and I had plenty of time, I really immersed myself in self-practice. I also realized I needed the structure of the protocols that were given in the modules during each class. The partner trades were fantastic, and I really treasure the work I did with my classmates.

What changes have you noticed in yourself since you started practising energy healing?

Because I really delved into healing my core wound, I noticed my boundaries had really fallen by the wayside as a result of my work situation. It’s funny in a way, how it’s all connected, but it is. I feel stronger now, despite having to do more inner personal work. But I’ve never been afraid to do any of that work. It’s just that the energy healing has made that work go deeper quickly. It’s quite amazing.

I booked in private session work alongside the training and really feel that it added to my overall experience, both in the training and the personal work I did. The partner trades with classmates also not only allowed me to receive more energy healing sessions, but boosted my confidence in holding sacred space for others and the feeling that I can “do this.”

What do you feel has been your biggest takeaway from the training?

It was easy for me to realize this great insight: had I not gone through my work situation in 2015, my friend may have not recommended Insight Timer to me. I then would have not found Keith, Christabel and Field Dynamics and done this core wound healing. I’m able to see how that all fell into place to get me to where I am today; on the precipice of starting my own energy healing practice.

The Universe always has a plan for us. If we’re willing and able to listen. I’m so grateful I got out of my own way and listened and was curious. Your heart is always your guide. During the five years of work drama, I did ask myself, “Why is this happening?”. I could never find a spiritual answer to this question. Today, I have that answer. I feel very grateful and blessed that I have the privilege to take this time for myself and do this for myself. It’s not lost on me at all, despite the sacrifices.

What might you say to someone considering energy healing, or joining the EHT-100 training?

Listen to your heart. Your heart will not lead you astray. If you’ve been guided to this training - do it. Do it for YOU! I promise you, you will not regret it. The old adage applies, “If I can do it, then so can you!".

Have you maintained a self-practice in energy healing since finishing the training?

I have a great self-practice routine. As a morning person, I get out of bed everyday around 5am and start meditating anywhere between 30 - 60 minutes. Sometimes I’ll run some energy while meditating. I then embark on my daily hike in nature for about an hour - which is also meditative - before joining neighbourhood friends for coffee. In the afternoon, I’ll either do a body scan or a shamanic journey, before I do my sixty-minute energy sit of the day. It’s really a great routine, which I cherish. I mostly use protocols from the training right now, as Field Dynamics has offered a fantastic blueprint in the courses. I do however, look forward to working more organically too.

What’s next for you, John?

I’m in the process of starting my own energy healing practice. Although I’m feeling a bit fearful to do it, I feel extremely confident in the training I received, and I do know who I am. That helps lighten some of those fears. Field Dynamics has also set up a great, supportive community, which has become an important resource. I have lots of ideas, that I look forward to exploring...

Thank you, John.

Applications are now open for our next EHT-100 training. If you would like to arrange a consult to discuss if this training is the right choice for you, do reach out to us.


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