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Please note all our listed practitioners adhere to the following code of ethics. 

  • Practitioners shall practice ethically with compassion and neutrality.


  • Practitioner communication will maintain integrity and honesty.

  • The practitioner’s responsibility is to assist with facilitation of a client’s health from a holistic perspective.

  • Practitioners shall maintain clear therapeutic boundaries with clients in all circumstances.

  • Practitioners shall not make medical diagnoses or advise on a particular course of medical treatment. Clients requiring   medical assistance or advice will be advised to seek it.

  • Client confidentiality shall be strictly maintained (within the limits of the law).


  • Practitioners shall ascertain any medication or adjunct therapies the client is undertaking, as appropriate.

  • Records of all client sessions shall be maintained.


  • A practitioner shall not attend a client who is under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering drugs.


  • Practitioners agree to heed client contraindications.


  • All practitioner advertising must be within the scope of practice. Exaggerated claims or guarantees of outcome are prohibited. Fees charged will be ethical and fair.


  • Practitioners shall not treat children, unless a parent or legal guardian has given written permission and is present.


  • Practitioners shall accept responsibility for informing themselves of any and all local laws and regulations pertaining to energy healing including, but not limited to: laws restricting the use of energy healing, requirements or licenses needed for practicing and any regulations regarding insurance.




*Please note, Field Dynamics reserve the right to update and amend this Practitioner's Code as required and without prior notice. 

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