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Foundational 10hr Training 

ONLINE - Live Webinar Classes

Foundations is an ideal way to learn potent and effective energy work in an accessible format.


Start energy healing today! By the end of this short training you’ll have the foundational knowledge, experience and tools for your own energy healing practice. You'll develop the skills to integrate energy healing in your life through self-practice, expanding existing professional services or working on friends and family.

Foundations Guide

Field Dynamics is setting the standard in contemporary energy healing - showing just what’s possible

in the art of healing and the science of consciousness. Our Foundations training is no exception!

Energy Healing practice

Start Your Energy Healing Practice Today!

This course is carefully designed as a dynamic mix of presentation, sharing and discussion, group healing sessions and partner practice. Detailed and informative, we also allot equal time for your experiential learning! 

Class 1   The Science of Energy Healing & How it Works

Class 2   Introducing Multi-dimensional Anatomy & The Human Energy Field

Class 3   Working with Your Energy Blocks and ESP

Class 4   Refining Your Practice & Working with Others 

Key Features of this Training 

Foundations is an ideal way to learn potent and effective energy work in an accessible format.

All our trainings cover the science of how and why energy healing works, and are universal in ethos and approach.


By the end of this short training you’ll have the foundational knowledge, experience and tools for your own energy healing practice.

Benefits of Energy Healing Training
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What are the Advantages of this Live Online Training?

✔︎  Big savings on in-person travel and lodging costs

✔︎  Learn from the comfort of your home environment

✔︎  Flexible class schedule - two class formats cater to calendar needs

Are you interested in our EHT program and looking for a way to try us out?

This is a great way to get up close and familiar with us and the FD modality!


This training is ideal for those who want to learn an energy healing practice for their wellness and self-transformation

or for those who wish to expand their existing holistic practices (such as reiki, yoga, meditation, etc.).

“I am so grateful to have been a part of the Foundations training. The teachings were engaging, clear, and inclusive. I found the healing sessions and tools presented to be powerful and effective. I gained a deeper understanding of energy healing and left inspired and excited to learn more in the EHT-100!” 

Client Testimonial, 2022

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“This foundational training is designed as a short introduction to the world of energy healing. Presenting the science behind energy healing, it provides a great tool-kit for your own dynamic energy healing practice - and for working with others. We study the fundamentals of subtle anatomy, the chakra system and auric field, alongside how to sense your energetic blocks and practice good "energetic hygiene". It's good fun, potent and a great stepping stone to an advanced energy healing practice if that appeals to you!"  

Christabel Armsden, Co-Founder Field Dynamics

Foundations Course Fee: USD $225

Small Investment, Big Results!

  • 10 hours+ of intensive experiential and educational LIVE virtual immersion class time

  • Comprehensive 35 page manual including tools and healing session protocols

  • Powerful group energy healing sessions using the Foundations tools

  • Presentations and group discussion about multidimensional anatomy, working with energy blocks, subtle energy sensing, developing your healing practice.... and more! 

  • Access to an online community forum for ongoing contact and support

The full course fee for Foundations will be deducted from the EHT-100

 fee for those who go on to participate in our EHT program!

(please note, this offer cannot be combined with other discounts, EarlyBird, etc.)


Upcoming Dates

4 Day Standard Format

4th, 6th, 11th & 13th January 2023

10am - 12.30pm PT // 1 - 3.30pm ET // 6 - 8.30pm GMT

Field Dynamics FDLite Training

Questions? We think we've got you covered with our FAQ below - but drop us an email if you're curious about anything else! 

I’m a total beginner! Is this course appropriate for me?

Absolutely, Foundations is ideal for those learning energy healing for the first time.


How soon after the training will I be able to do energy work?


After the very first day of class!

How does this training compare to Reiki?

Foundations healing is an ideal alternative and complement to a Reiki training - providing potent and effective energy healing tools and techniques that expand upon it. People have frequently reported that Field Dynamics’ trainings are a welcome deepening of their experience with Reiki. Foundations offers as much - if not more - than most comparable Reiki trainings in terms of the energy healing tools provided, the core skill development for healing work and the contemporary framework you'll understand about how and why energy healing works.

Will I be able to perform energy healing on others as a result of this training?

The Foundations training does teach you how to work on others and provides time for practice. While you will be able to perform energy healing on others as a result of this training, Field Dynamics considers the maturation of an energy healer to be a long-term endeavor, comparable to learning disciplines such as music, painting, medicine, psychology, etc. The Field Dynamics EHT program (including both 100hr and 200hr trainings) is our comprehensive and professional training, which we recommend for those who are particularly interested in working with others.

Is the Foundations training a prerequisite for the EHT program?

There are no prerequisites for the EHT program, however, Foundations does offer a great entry level training experience with energy healing and Field Dynamics! It is a good way to try us out. We recommend Foundations to those considering the EHT program and offer an incredible incentive: for those who choose to go on to participate in our EHT-100 training, your entire course fee for Foundations will be deducted from the

EHT-100 training course fee! (* this offer cannot be combined with other discounts)

Will I be certified in energy healing after Foundations?

Foundations is our introductory course and you may request a certificate of completion - however, this does not mean you are certified by Field Dynamics. The good news is, we do offer formal certification through our comprehensive EHT program.


Field Dynamics is an energy healing modality and so classified as complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM). Services provided by Field Dynamics are not substitutes for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have medical concerns it is advised you contact a licensed physician. You should not discontinue or modify any medication presently being taken pursuant to medical advice without obtaining approval from your healthcare professional. The contents of Field Dynamics ( and associated channels) such as video, audio, text, graphics and other material is for informational purposes only and are the opinion of the author(s). 

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