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Heal & Transform


Invest in Yourself with Private Session Work and Experience Real Transformation!

✔︎   Optimise your Energy System for increased Health & Vitality 

✔︎   Improve your Familial & Intimate Relationships

✔︎   Resolve your Behavioural Patterns & Clear Limiting Blocks

✔︎   Support your Self-Realisation & Spiritual Development

Need Help Defining Your Therapeutic Goals?

Individually tailored session work results in accelerated and effective change specific to your needs. Getting clear on your desired goals is one of the best ways to determine if energy healing is right for you. A single session is a great way to test the waters, get to know us and experience energy healing first hand! You can gain clarity about a particular problem issue that keeps appearing in your life, or even request a ‘system diagnostic’ to better understand your prominent energetic patterning. 


While one session can make quite an impact our issues often consist of many layers. Investing in a series of three or more sessions offers great value for a deeper impact. If you're truly inspired, we can design a bespoke 'season of change' which is achieved in our ten session package. This provides opportunity for comprehensive change at multiple levels and we work with you to customise the program according to your exact goals.


Field Dynamics Energy Healing session

"My work with Field Dynamics and Christabel in particular, has produced results unlike any other modality I have explored. Creating a safe space in which to explore deep work, her guidance has enabled me to access truly meaningful breakthroughs in a short amount of time."


Suzanne, USA

How to Get Started?

You can choose a ‘blank canvas’ package below (one, three or ten sessions) and we will tailor the sessions to your needs.

If you’re unclear about your particular goals or what’s possible to achieve with private session work we're here to help! Contact us with your questions or go ahead and arrange a free consultationSession work is available with both Keith and Christabel.

*Please note due to current circumstance all private session work will take place as online sessions

Some Common Questions 

If you are new to energy healing you may have questions about session work and what it involves.

We have answered a few of the more common questions below but please contact us if you have additional queries.​

What can I expect during a session?

A session begins with a discussion about what to focus on. If it’s your first session, more information is gathered to better understand your circumstance. If you’re doing a series of sessions, the discussion is an update about previous work and progress. 

Experience during a session can vary greatly depending on the individual and the issue being worked on. People commonly report memory recall, deep relaxation, varying body sensations, emotions, dream-like altered states, insights and more. Commentary is provided - when appropriate - about what’s happening in your system and you may be asked questions relevant to the changes taking place. Sometimes your attention will be guided to a particular area of your body so you can receive the most benefit.

At the close of the session we review your experience. Insights are shared, highlighting connections between the subtle anatomy, the issue being addressed and the broader life context. Making these connections provides a holistic framework for understanding your process. Sometimes complementary practices are also suggested.

What can I expect following a session?

Generally speaking, you can expect to process changes for the following 48 - 72 hours. People commonly experience increased sleep, emotional release, improved vitality, energetic sensitivity, etc. Most relevant are increased clarity and insights about the issue being addressed.

While a single session can make quite an impact, deeper issues consist of many layers. If you have a significant issue you’d like to address, a series of sessions is suggested. Multiple sessions get to the foundation of issues and provide ongoing support.

What is the difference between having a session in person vs. at a distance?

Session work is effective whether in person or at a distance. Connecting to and reading the energy system is available in either circumstance! The physical connection of an in-person session allows for a different experience, but the potency of distance work is similar. Due to current circumstance, we are only offering online distance work at present. 


Field Dynamics is an energy healing modality and so classified as complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM). Services provided by Field Dynamics are not substitutes for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have medical concerns it is advised you contact a licensed physician. You should not discontinue or modify any medication presently being taken pursuant to medical advice without obtaining approval from your healthcare professional. The contents of Field Dynamics ( and associated channels) such as video, audio, text, graphics and other material is for informational purposes only and are the opinion of the author(s). 

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