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19th October 2024 - 30th March 2025
ONLINE - Live Webinar Classes 

Our 200hr EHT provides a subsequent training for the EHT-100 graduates seeking advanced material and formal certification. 


The training is available to students who have successfully completed the EHT-100 course and is intended for those wishing to substantially deepen their self-practice or to hone skills for professional use as certified energy healing practitioners.

The course provides an additional 100 hr training (total 200 hrs by completion). 


  • Certify in Field Dynamics energy healing - learning advanced tools & techniques

  • Develop & refine your perception to better track energetic structure & flow

  • Accelerate your self-transformation with potent group healing intensives

  • Work more directly with your Awakening Process

EHT-200 Training Guide
EHT-200 Training Guide

Download the training guide here - featuring course dates, core curriculum, certification process and more!



Take your training to the next level; the EHT-200 provides the experience, tools and techniques for an advanced energy healing practice. Building upon foundational material, this training shows you how to work with subtler and more formative aspects of the energy field. All components of your practice will be enhanced and strengthened as we move progressively through the energy anatomy and further explore the depth of Field Dynamics healing. Your self-perception, energy system and healing potency will go through a significant upgrade in this training. We introduce many tools that fundamentally shift the way energy flows in the system and extend our coverage of energy anatomy to the edges of the micro and macro... 



Each individual has a unique journey to self-realization, yet the destination is the same. The Awakening Process is a way of understanding and navigating your specific path. In this EHT-200 we place greater emphasis and show you how to work more directly with your Awakening Process through conceptual frameworks, tools, techniques and during the Energy System Intensives. The orientation of Field Dynamics in facilitating self-realization with others is that we can greatly empower and assist with creating the conditions whereby an individual’s unique Awakening Process can occur naturally, as appropriate.


This training is for -

  • Graduates of the prerequisite EHT-100 Training 

  • Those who wish to develop an advanced energy healing practice

  • Professionals who wish to Certify in energy healing 

  • Those who desire to work more directly with their Awakening Process

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"We're thrilled to announce this advanced EHT-200 course. For those deeply committed to their self-transformation, the content at this level of our training brings intense focus to the heart of healing. We take the foundations of the previous training and expand in scope, precision and potency. All those present will be seasoned practitioners, and combined with the dynamism of the advanced healing tools the group field will be incredibly transformational! You'll engage directly with your own Awakening Process - learning how to facilitate this within the energy healing paradigm. I can't wait to share the tools and sacred space."


- Keith 

Keith is an adept facilitator and teacher of consciousness transformation. An extensive background in the healing arts combined with his unusual extrasensory perception has provided a unique skill-set for developing Field Dynamics - an innovative, contemporary energy healing modality. Teaching with clarity and compassion, he values the present moment as the greatest source of wisdom.


Module 1 | Transmutation  (19th-20th October) 

Preparing the Kundalini. Alchemical Tradition. Case Studies.

Module 2 | Purification (9th-10th November)

The Causal Body. System Rebuilding. Therapeutic Alliance.

Module 3 | Awakening Process I  (7th-8th December)

Soul Constellation. Alignment. Identity & Awakening.

Module 4 | Bodymind  (4th-5th January)

Messages of the Body. Embryology and Channels. Intake Practicum.

Module 5 | Creation & Vibration (25th-26th January) 

Coherency. Sacred Geometry. Communication Skills.

Module 6 | The Nadi & Nervous System(15th-16th February)  

Layers of the Central Channel. Neuroanatomy. Communication Practicum.


Module 7 | Awakening Process II  (8th-9th March

Pure Awakening. Vibrational Signatures. Sacred Structures.

Module 8 | Crystallisation (29th-30th March)

Perfected Balance. Tuning the System. The Third Eye.


Each Module is scheduled as an intensive weekend on both Saturday and Sunday – Live and Online Via Zoom. Many participants have noted both the unexpected intimacy of the online format and the convenience of being able to learn from home.


The days are comprised of group energy healing sessions in which we experience and attune to the tools featured in the module, presentations about concepts and healing tools, and group discussions for sharing experiences, feedback and questions.



Daily Schedule (Saturday and Sunday)


Part A - 3 Hours

9:00am - 12:00pm PT / 12:00pm - 3:00pm ET / 5:00pm – 8:00pm GMT


<1 Hour Break>


Part B - 2 Hours

1:00pm - 3:00pm PT / 4:00pm - 6:00pm ET / 9:00-11:00pm GMT


*please note there will be daylight savings time adjustments on select dates


The next 200hr EHT will take place 19 October 2024 - 30 March 2025 (6 months). 

This live online training will be conducted via video teleconference during select weekends as detailed in our guide. 

Cost:         $2,500 USD 

Earlybird:  $2,250 USD before 1 August 2024

A $400 deposit will be required to secure your place. Payment in full is due by 11 October 2023.

We also offer a payment plan - $750 x3 installments due 11 October 2024, 2 January & 14 February 2025 (inc. $150 fee).

Please note enrollment for this training is limited - apply now to secure your place! 

“The personal development achieved during the EHT-200 training was invaluable. The group healing aspect has advanced my overall relationship to all aspects of life and healed deep chronic wounds. Keith and Christabel held a clean energetic space that allowed a sense of safety, and a non-dogmatic approach to energy healing work, creating a true professional standard to be adhered to in the energy healing field that is second to none.


Shannon, Los Angeles


Previous or currently enrolled EHT-100 trainees can register and secure their place for the EHT-200 below. If you are yet to finish your EHT-100 training, we will reserve your place on the understanding you will finish the course to requirement.  

Please note we are yet to confirm final class size, but spaces are limited and it will be appropriate to maintaining intimacy and the necessary individual support. 

We recognise this training is a commitment of your time and energy. If you would like to arrange a conversation with Keith to ask any questions and see if this next training is the right fit for you, email us at

Download the Guide

Not yet enrolled for our EHT-100 training?  Check out the latest course dates here!

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Apply now for our October 2024 start date! Please complete all fields in full, even if we have previous record of your details. Once we've received your application we'll be in touch to confirm your place.

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Secure your place with the deposit payment - you can do this immediately after submitting your form, or once we've been in touch to confirm your place.

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