Blessings for the Holiday Season!

We are entering into the time of the year where our inner - yin - aspect is most accentuated in our physical and mental constitution.

We find ourselves moving towards the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, which takes place on Monday 21 December. The solstice marks the official start of winter and is also the shortest day and longest night of the year. Here the environment is at maximum yin. This sheds light on why the Winter Solstice has long played an important role in cultures worldwide from ancient times through to present day. In actuality, many of the customs and rituals associated with Christmas originated in the Winter Solstice celebrations of ancient Pagan cultures.

From this perspective, it is perhaps surprising that our cultural traditions are so extroverted - yang - during this passage. For many, during the holiday we have more gatherings and socialising than the rest of the year put together!

A tradition that takes advantage of this introspective swing is Buddhism. Many Buddhist monasteries hold annual one to three month meditation retreats, usually starting around December. They use this time to amplify the natural inner reflection and enhance their meditation practices. Keep in mind, these retreats are often closed to the public and reserved for those very committed to their inner work in every way! As for us lay people….

This year the holiday season will likely be at least somewhat different for most of us – many are unable to travel to see their loved ones or are choosing to celebrate with less familiar faces around them as an act of responsibility in the current climate. It is already a season to remember!

In our own way, this period is often used as a springboard for deep reflection, a time for resolutions and goal setting. This is fertile ground to take action on long-held ambitions for changes of habit or affirm intentions infused with enthusiasm and hope... yet many find themselves frustrated just a few weeks into January, having abandoned their resolutions in the face of regular old habit and patterns.

What can we do to strengthen our resolutions and persevere with change? What else might we consider doing to invigorate our aspirations? Perhaps we can practice gratitude for the many things we have learned and uncovered in this most unusual of years...

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Sharing many blessings with all of you for this holiday season.